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RSS Beast666

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1 point

You are either part chinese or smoke way too much weed but either way you're wrong.

1 point

This question is idiotic because both are absolutely necessary for human life although technically only water is necessary for life on earth in general because not all organisms need to breath. For most complex life forms however, both are necessary so the question is still moronically imbecillic.

2 points

You inevitability fall back on baselessly calling me a liar and demanding I shut up.

He calls you a liar because you refuse to admit the simple fact that communism is the opposite of what you say it is. Communism is at the farthest left side of the political spectrum and that means it cannot possibly be tyrannical because left= collectivism/equality. There are no political or economic classes in communism. Right wing systems such as fascism and capitalism are inherently tyrannical because the further right you are the more society is based in social darwinism/hierarchy. What you call "individual freedom" is actually code for individuals having varying levels of personal freedom based on class. When you admit to the basic difference between the left and right you will understand. The left is about social equality by definition and the right is about social darwinism by definition. The Nazis are far right because they split people into groups based on race and based on the same economic and political bullshit that capitalists do.

Is that the history of communism?

That is the goal and focus and Marxist theory which has been corrupted and used to lure the working class into fascism several times, there has never actually been a communist country.

What exactly do you imagine I do?

You are a zionist shill who eats babies.

1 point

We finally got a businessmen who is not a trained politician, and not expert in the art of lying

I'll say, when he lies it's as obvious as a tomato in a box of cucumbers. Good thing Americans are so stupid, eh?

Beast666(17) Clarified
1 point

I just cut one of my fingers off with a katana. I have to go to the hospital now.

1 point

Sucks balls

Yeah I agree .

0 points

You're a communist Nazi .

1 point

Minecraft .

1 point

Rotschchilds work for the reds.

If I'm not mistaken their family name actually translates to "red shield".

Soros is leader of the blue regime

I guess you're not the good guys after all. I'm going back to the reds lol. (actually I think I would choose none of them and start my own color, I'll be whatever color gamma rays would be if I could see them)

That reminds me, why would aliens from another dimension use only colors that are visible to humans?

1 point

What about transhumanism or anti-humanism? .

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Winning Position: Judaism, like any other religion, is stupid. We should be allowed to criticize it.
Winning Position: Yes

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