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RSS Bell_Toad

Reward Points:8
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1 point

The president can make executive orders to do just whatever the treaty was without congress' approval

1 point

It is possible that the president could make an executive order instead to get the same thing that he would've gotten out of the treaty.

2 points

POTUS has executive privilege and "secrecy is an inherent power of the executive." This meas everything that the president does not have to seen by the public. This goes against congress because they have to be transparent. For this reason he is more powerful because he can do what he wants and congress has to worry about public opinion.

1 point

Out of the many vetoes only 7% has been successful though.

2 points

The president has more power than congress because he is able to make executive orders. These become laws while the president is in office and even though the order can be removed when the following president comes in, congress isn't able to take it away. This shows that the president still has power to do what he wants without the approval of Congress.

4 points

The president doesn't have to sign bills and can veto. Yes, it is true that congress can try to override the veto, but that would take 2/3 of both chambers of congress to do so. Congress has only been successful in overriding the president 106 times out of 1,484.

1 point

There should be a strong, central standing army. Reason being is because state militias are too small and if the United States were to go into war with another country it would need a well trained soldier and it would need to protect those who are in the country. State militias would be unable to provide this type of protection. If George Washington, the founding father of our country was “wearied to death” about the militias then the citizens should have definitely been. The troops never really had officers and were not trained properly so they couldn’t protect the states if they tried to.

1 point

The United States needs a new taxing power. In state governments there are too many majority factions that will only vote on laws that benefit them like debt forgiveness laws. An example of this would be “paying in carrots.” Also if the federal government had the power to tax then they would be able to pay the country’s debts and provide national defense.The majority factions were mostly made up of debtors who worked as farmers and this is also supports the fact that we have a “too little democracy.” If the elections are extended then all people would benefit from elections instead of majority factions.

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