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RSS BenCarson

Reward Points:55
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-1 points

Can you be charged with manslaughter if you refuse to stay distant and you infect

Looks like you love tyranny. By your standard, you could nail anyone, sick from anything, including a cold or the flu. You could even get people with AIDS because they technically could get an open wound and their blood get into someone else's body accidentally.

0 points

There were no Muslims when the Bible was written. But you aren't educated, so that's a good excuse for being stupid.

1 point

Will the Democrats support a Muslim for President

Yes. Democrats agree with Islam's views on women and gays.

0 points

You support Islam's position on women, gays and atheists. Good to know.

1 point

McConnel can just block the entire thing. Let them have their circus for all of the normal people to see.

0 points

Has Trump finally and at long last officially shit the bed?

You said he'd be gone long ago. You either lied or are dumb as Rosie Odonnel's fat ass.

1 point

The man is a threat to democracy itself

Show some examples as if you know how to debate.

1 point

I'd like to hear about this job that burritolunch claims to have. If he has a job where he can debate and play skyrim all day, he really shouldn't be whining about capitalists being slave drivers.

2 points

Trump is NUTS!

If it takes nuts to continue to break economic records, protect the border, get unemployment down, and not get into new wars, count me in.

2 points

What exactly are you implying that it means? That non-manmade climate oscillations and climate cycles are real?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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