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RSS BenShapiro

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1 point

I have the right to point out that your failures and lack of success are your own fault.

1 point

He made his money through capitalism, but is a Marxist using Lenin's philosophy of letting the Capitalists sell you the rope to hang them with. Now he is using that money to play God and destroy nations through academia, Hollywood, the media, and groups that organize violence and protests.

-1 points

Excon knows that liberal fiscal policies are idealistic concepts from the mind of children. But he lives away from Conservatives and has bought the propoganda that Conservatives are racists, despite us being more color blind than liberals. We don't care what color you are. We want to protect who is here and make sure there's an America left to call home and for legal immigrants to come to.

Mingiwuwu is a new Prodigee troll that either has no common sense or likes seeing people react to nonsense.

1 point

The Democrats act like drug addicts because they are drug addicts. And not the good drugs.

1 point

To those, such as you, suffer from low sodium levels everything is a tangled mass of confusion.

SAMSCA is often prescribed for your condition and will help to relieve your dangerous state of muddled mental stupefaction.

Another word salad.

2 points

Let's be clear here, if that's possible.. I'm talking about the shutdown, and you're talking about the wall..

Oh we'll claim the shutdown. It's still going to get you creamed in 2020. I can see the ad now.

Pelosi wanting to fly to the other side of the world while people aren't getting their checks, Trump compromising on the wall type and price and libs not compromising, Trump offering DACA path to citizenship for the wall. You're about to get creamed.

If Trump gets DACA kids citizenship, that'll be millions of new Trump voters.

1 point

It WOULDN'T be a crime if he reported it as a campaign contribution.

It wouldn't be a crime even if that were actually what happened. Facts don't care about your feelings.

1 point

It doesn't mean anything. It's a Marxist catchphrase used to pretend like if you disagree with them that you're alone, even though you're not.

2 points

Nancy has a plan...

Yeah right. Her plan was to travel to the other side of the world until Trump stopped her. Not a good look.

Don't lay down for Donald Trump.

It was her idea before it was Trump's.

Easy peasy.. When she's got her opposition on the ropes, what option, OTHER than KEEPING him there, should she consider??

She's getting her ass kicked. She has no alternate border defense plan and is blocking a barrier she supported. Libs might like it, but moderates do not. The appearance right now is Trump had to make her stay here to negotiate terms, that she cared more about trips than peoples' paychecks, and that Trump has compromised, where libs have not.

2 points

Only libs would be angered by their own country succeeding.

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