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I would freak the fuck out.

1 point

I don't want him to, but he'll find his way onto a team. He's still fast as hell, and he has an entire year to get stronger.

1 point

I have both. They are social networking websites. They are creepy and stalkerish, but that is only if you make your accounts public. They're GREAT ways to keep in touch with friends, or to find friends that you've lost touch with.

2 points

To lower it now is to give way to a slippery slope--soon we'll be legalizing marijuana, and soon enough, we may be lowering the alcohol age again. Keep it the way it is. Why change a working system?

2 points

I don't even believe that it's a product of hate so much anymore, it's really about ignorance and intolerance. The idea that we're all different and that it's a bad thing, the idea that some people are genetically better than others, it's all nonsense--yet people STILL believe it. Racism makes people fell uncomfortable, everyone is always very quick to tell you that they have a black friend, or they've been to Spain, they COULDN'T be's still a problem. It's within the workplace, the schools, the government, to deny its existence is to ensure its survival.

2 points

It's programmed into children at young ages. Something as simple as being afraid to drive past a bad [black] neighborhood, the idea that integrated classrooms are a bad idea, that hip hop music is not a form of music, parents and teachers program this to children.

Is it worse than any other country? Not necessarily, but it's still a huge problem.

1 point

Guns are weapons that can kill people. If an adult can find a gun to be fun, then a child can easily find a gun to be fun. We all know what happens when children get their hands on guns.

2 points

The Simpsons used to be an amazing show. It probably was the greatest animated show of all time. However, it didn't end when it started going downhill. The show has been on for 10+ seasons, and I can't watch an episode without being frustrated, knowing the hilarity that used to come with the show. At this point, it's been horrible for about eight years.

Futurama, however, has been funny from the get-go. Every episode was funny, even the serious episodes (which were masterpieces in themselves). This show crafted a hilarious year 3001, with funny pop culture references from the past. The show ended, but it ended while it was still funny. Movies are still being released, and even those are hilarious too.

Futurama is better, it didn't have enough time to start sucking.

1 point

No way. They were a good team last year, but they might not get back Michael Strahan, the pro-bowler that had been helping them all season. Plus, they lose Jeremy Shockey, their pro-bowler tight end who helped them so much early on in the season. Two stars leaving the team won't let them repeat. Plus, the Cowboys are going to dominate their division: they won't even see the playoffs next year.

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"I'm the MAN."

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Name: Alex 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: In College

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