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RSS Berrystar

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1 point

You fail to see the big picture. Everything that is possible is in another dimension. This means that things that aren't organisms in our world could be organisms in another dimension. Any possible combination exists.

1 point

Mental retardation at its finest, my friend. Of course, Fox is a complete joke anyway.

1 point

Everything that is possible is in another dimension.

A world made of apples? Yes.

A world where toilets fight each other in gladiator coliseums while giant toothpicks with eyes watch? Yes.

A world where nothing exists? Yes.

Dimensions are infinite.

1 point

With how massive our universe is, there could very well be septillions of other universes out there. Everything is infinite.

1 point

But that would be akin to saying ;

Oh my god! That 30 year old guy named Joe down the street just died of natural causes! He was in such good health!

Oh, the president died too? Poor Joe! So unexpected! Such a tragedy!

1 point

The U.S is the Firestar of the world, getting into situations we fail to belong in just to come out a hero. The U.S needs to learn that it does not rule the entire planet, and it should thereon focus on domestic issues such as debt, low education, and unemployment.

2 points

I just noticed something.....

They died around the same time, Walker's car was going 95 mph, and Mandela was 95 years old.


1 point

The review system exists so the public can give their thoughts on the product/service/idea, positive or negative.

1 point

Media has caused all of this disaster known as society - if the eight year olds wouldn't play with Prostitutez dolls, I mean Bratz, they would not wear the high heels and skirts meant for the twenty-eight year olds walking the streets.

1 point

That line, sir, got you taken off hostiles.

And this does seem a bit harsh.

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Winning Position: Why are people paying more attention to Paul Walker's death than Nelson Mandela's?
Tied Positions: Yeah, that kind of horse... vs. Whata what
Winning Position: LOL Ban em.
Winning Position: No he doesn't.
Winning Position: No, it ROCKS!

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