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RSS Bibledefendy

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5 points

You obviously are very ignorant. If you would know your bible, or bothered to research the subject, you would know that "your sins have seperated you from your God. God can't coexist where there is sin, that's why he had to make a plan to get us back by sending Jesus to die for our sins. Because the penalty for sin is death; a long before our creation law that was made. in order that we wouldn't have to pay, since we ALL have sinned, Jesus payed the ultimate punishment in our place, so that we could receive Jesus's reward. But of course, nobody would have kept a record that this even happened, except for the bible. So, if sin has seperated, then of course, you begin to wonder why he doesn't show himself.

6 points

First of all, I would rather believe that there is a creator, then that everything happened by chance. It doesn't make sense to say that if you look at a car, that somehow everything crashed together and made a car that RUNS. The other question; That's real easy. This "powerful being" already thought of that and gave us a book that he inspired called the bible. He gave it to us so that we could know more about him

-2 points
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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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