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RSS BigNuts

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

No, it's always a Conservative. These people know how to live in a bubble, and they know nothing else.

2 points

We couldn't care less if Californians are stupid enough to give up their guns to the 1% while the 1% has no plan of giving up theirs or their armed security.

0 points

Guns Will Protect Me From All The Guns

And lack of guns gets you killed, raped or shot by any criminal not stupid enough to give up their guns.

2 points

communism works

Except that Communism is a carrot on a stick for the uneducated which always ends with control of the means of production by the omnipotent state. They define it with your definition to get you to give up your country. Then they never give it back, and laugh at what they call the "useful idiots", a phrase coined in Socialits of old's own literature to describe those gullable enough to think rich elites have any desire to ever give up the means of production to the plebs. Rich and powerful men say alot of things, but what they never do is give up their wealth and power to civilians.

1 point

Do white libs import brown people because white libs don't reproduce?

More or less. They can't win on substance or logic, so importing people unfamiliar with their positions that they can bait against half of the country via slander is their only way to win.

1 point

Don't you mean Democrat, as in ONE person?? You DO, and you think it means something..

It means something that your media didn't explode the story all across the front page calling them racists simply due to have that D next to their name as opposed to an R. They would have drug your son behind a truck and destroyed his name if he had done half of the same thing. You don't care about that fact, and that's what actually means something.

2 points

What kind of racist would do that??

Fascists can shut down businesses, bankrupt people, create curfews, call people like your son racist names, but you're fine with being treated like an animal as long as they give you a holiday to shut you up and neuter you completely before they're done.

1 point

THAT is why people still push masks

The CDC says the masks are no longer needed if vaccinated. Maybe you should listen to the science, or is the left now scrapping that talking point?

1 point

As you know, I don't watch videos.. That's cause I can't debate a video..

My Husband Won’t Take His Mask Off—Even for Sex

We’re both vaccinated now. When will this stop?

This is making me depressed and concerned about our future together. I have asked him when he plans to stop masking, and all he says is “When it is safe for everyone.” What if this becomes a permanent part of him? My mother, who is very conservative, thinks that I should move out. But I don’t think I’m ready for that step yet. What I want is my husband back. How can I get through to him?

—Maskless and Alone

1 point

If Trump gets enough states to OVER THROW the election and INSTALL him, is that good??

Only if he moves the capitol and lets you guys run your Communist hellhole as your own seperate craphole nation, leading a nonleftist mass secession. Anything less is a loss.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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