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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

The interpretation of this is, you have no response just like the other 500 times, and you need to see if some leftist has an answer on Google.

2 points

If he doesn't give us his plan, he has no plan, and he has lost the gun debate.

1 point

You haven't kicked anyone's ass. I just watched you ignore 5 points with crickets. Here, I'll give you another chance. How you gonna disarm hundreds of millions of minorities and 33,000 gangs? Chirp chirp chirp. I can't hear anything.

1 point

20 minutes later. Crickets. Again.

1 point

Here he is again with the "No cops will protect a kid, much less you, so I want to disarm YOU" argument. What a fu--ing retard. This guy is dumber than shi-.

1 point

You still haven't answered the question. If cops suck and can't be depended on, but criminals have guns everywhere, you're a dumbass to want to disarm a woman jogger that weighs 100 pounds you fu--ing rapist piece of shi-. Why don't you just admit that your goal is to get to watch defenseless girls be raped by armed thugs.

1 point

You keep blindly ignoring that we've done harder things before

We've never done anything harder than disarming a population of 350 million people, of which many are minorities and 33,000 minority gangs, who would just love a good excuse to go to war with the police, all while the left moans about how evil police are. WTF are you talking about? When? Tell me when we did something harder than that.

1 point

Will we get them ALL? No. Will we get MOST of 'em? I think so - depends on how hard we try.

I read nothing about how you're going to disarm 33,000 minority gangs and why I should disarm if you can't. Zilch.

1 point

Cops REFUSING to go into those neighborhoods

Any connection???

Classic. You think the cops are racist, gun happy pricks but want them all over black neighborhoods? Do your brain synapses every actually fu--ing fire?

1 point

If cops aren't answering calls, you wanting my guns makes you a damn psychopath. How am I supposed to defend myself, the cops? Oh wait.

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