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1 point

Now, I'm willing to believe Biden is a crook, but I'm equally willing to believe that Russia fiddled with it.

Show me a left wing media outlet that doesn't now admit the emails are authentic so I can look at it. Then explain to me how Russia fiddled with Hunter Biden's laptop from Moscow when there's proof that Hunter brought the laptop to that shop himself and had been there for other services multiple times before.

1 point

The problem, grasshopper, is nobody knows who fucked with the laptop while it was in the repair shop.

They can prove it's his laptop, his emails can't be changed by anyone, including him, and there's an IP traceability. It's his, the emails are authentic, and the media has backtracked because they have no place to spin it.

1 point

Then you are admitting they make more and that your point about them not being able to work was nonsense seeing they can make plenty on the welfare system Democrats created. Or will you now revert back to admitting the welfare system you created is racist and pays black people dick?

1 point

NO, no you don't.. Instead of championing free speech, like you proclaim you do, you call 'em pedophiles..

I call them government employees talking to toddlers about things government employees shouldn't be talking to toddlers about. If I bring in 50 Christian missionaries to teach the 4 year olds about God, celibacy and marriage being between a man and a woman, is it free speech? No, it's not, but you knew that already.

1 point

Seriously.. You gonna tell THAT lie??? Do you support the free speech rights of people who oppose the Don't Say Gay law???

There is no don't say gay law, and talking to 4 year olds about sex in a government run facility as a government employee is not free speech. But you knew that already.

1 point

Of course I can't..

Of course.

Liberals don't spread misinformation

Russian collusion

On tape the media admits it's not real.

Hunter Biden

Left says it's disinformation. Now admit, years later, that it wasn't. Should I go on? I have a list.

1 point

You tell me what leftists want. But, I'm a leftist, and I don't want that..

We see what leftists want when Democrat politicians demand social media suppress speech, and then you turn around and say hey, they're a private company. No, the government colluding with the media, which is a group of corporations, is called Fascism.

1 point

You proving you can't oppose an argument and us coming to the conclusion that you can't oppose it doesn't mean we think you owe anyone anything. It's just proof that you can't answer the questions or challenge the points.

1 point

In other words they, as a group, haven't been smart enough to know what's best for them..

Doesn't that sound, even a teency bit like RACISM?

If they are fleeing the Democrat plantation, they have clearly figured out what is best for them, and it isn't the Democrat Party. Is it not racism on steroids for Democrats to attack any black person who figures it out?

1 point

Please explain how it's good for a black woman to be forced into bearing an unwanted child, that basically impoverishes her and takes her out of the workforce for the rest of her life??

This is you either pretending like welfare doesn't exist or you admitting the welfare system Democrats brag about is not a place black people should end up in in the first place.

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