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I seen a man convicted of molesting 4 minor boys. Chaseing down another minor boy then got shot. We all know that pedophile was going to rape Kyle

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Dear excon,

Sorry it took so long to ge back to you. I never stated i backed either political party. I cited directly from the us constitution that gives states the power over elections. I also mentioned the 14th admendment that gives the federal goverment the power to over rule the states election process if it creates unequal or suppresive voteing. This amendment voted on and passed through the senate on june 8, 1866, then ratified two years later june 9, 1868.

My friend that was a time when both political parties of our federal and state goverments could come together and pass legislation with bipartisian support to build a better form of goverments that incorporates power checks and regulation for both goverments and both parties.

The goverment officials who passed these laws were not the spoiled, pampered, rich politicians that we elect today who persist on loopholeing the constitution at every chance to please their coporate overlords who stuff money down their throats to pass legislation for coporate benifet. (GOT TO PAY TO PLAY) Im sure your familiar with this saying used so openly by both parties, well theres one thing our goverment elected officials agree on with bipartisian support. The goverment officials who wrote the elections clause and seperated the powers and helped form our constitution in 1868 had no coporate money motivateing their votes or their duty. Their motivation came from the 4 year civil war 3years prior. They witnessed on average 502 american deaths a day they lost family members to this war. Children left fartherless wifes became widows parents lost their sons. We must remember history and follow the constitution espicially goverment elected officials who take a oath swearing to uphold it. Electoral process falls to the state.

Georgia voteing law takes aim at election security and fraud prevention. It is not a solution looking for a problem. It became a problem with the 2016 presidential election when TAX PAYERS had to fork out 34 MILLION DOLLARS to investigate if their was russian interference in our election. It was the dems who were screaming the election process was vunerable and could be fraudulent and thats why hillary lost it was stolen. Then 4years later republicans make the same accusations when biden won.

Sooooooo you now have both parties claiming that the election process had outside interference that changed the vote all within a 4 year period. Democrats in 2016 republicans in 2020 . Something has to be done to ensure our election process is secure, it falls to the state goverments to run the election and georgia is fulfilling its duty as directed by the constitution and i say everybody get on board lets keep our elections secure. This is voter protection.

Please read over the election clause in the constitution and also the 14th amendment. And get back to me on your thoughts.

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The election clause in Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution gives the state the power to set the "Times, Places, and Manner" of congressional elections. Therefore the state bears the responsibility and most importantly the RIGHT to set rules on voter registration, voter protection, fraud prevention, vote counting and determination of election results.

Your statements and knowledge on the 14th Amendment are false and uneducated and you have butchered the U.S. Constitution in your ignorance.

The 14th Amendment grants the Federal Government the power to ensure the state shall not make or enforce any law witch shall abridge the privileges or immunities of United States "CITIZENS" nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

It does not state that "If one person has the right then everybody has the right" as you have lied. The constitution is straight forward and very clear the bill of rights and voteing is for Citizens and electorial procedure is the states.

The fact that people are mad Georgia is requiring state ID to vote to secure their election, just shows the lack of intelligence in U.S. voters. Georgia is still allowing absentee/mail in ballads and their securing the drop boxes from outside interference. They have allowed election sites to open 6 days a week from 7am to 7pm and added two Sundays for early voteing following the demand of black churches.

As far as the criminalization of handing out water and food. This law is to stop certain entities from loitering at the election places giving out food and drink while trying to sway votes. Witch happens every election process.

Georgia has taken no rights away from anybody, what they have taken away is loopholes in the election process to secure all of its states voters. Witch as a voter is your right. This should have bipartisan support from state and federal government and especially from the citizens.

If you can't produce a state ID, register, drop your absentee ballot in the secure Dropbox, or bring your own water then you fell short of your responsibility to vote. Georgia has held up to it's constitutional obligation of securing the election and I say it's about time we all follow suit

Tied Positions: Does humanity deserve freedom vs. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FAL

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