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RSS BiggieSmalls

Reward Points:12
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10 most recent arguments.

3 words. All of Islam. 3 more words. All of Marxism. Want to see psychopathic zealots? Start there first and get back to us.

So when will we be getting that Marxist utopia dumbass? When do the dancing unicorns appear?

0 points

That is a mathfan puppet.

0 points

Couldn't create a well thought out, coherent sentence if you tried. Try again.

Quit attaching penalties and overtaxation to everything, and maybe you'll get something passed.

2 points

No, they're BROWN children

No, they're foreign children being exploited as pawns by the Democrat Party, which loves to exploit people just as the Communist Manifesto instructs them to do.

-1 points

Don't forget the Marxists and Socialists he just called stupid too. Maybe he meant the other 5 Americans.

You're literally an IDIOT.

Nothing better than someone confused about genders and what a pecker means telling us about intelligence. ROFLMFAO

When I was a kid, no meant yes.

You were never a kid.

No still means yes.

I don't like your choices.. I'd rather live a life that is successful.

Welcome to your first step of being an anti communist Trump supporter.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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