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RSS Billie

Reward Points:790
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1 point

Raping babies is an evil thing. Reporting me? I am not the ones with views that harm innocent children and good people. I am the one that defends these people because I respect my fellow human beings. I don't want to debate anymore with a wicked and twisted being such as yourself. Goodbye.

1 point

You are not proving that God is dead, merely stating that God has been inactive for a bit. That in no way proves that He is dead, even if it's been for thousands of years in your opinion, it still does not prove He is dead. Gimme proof jackass ;)

2 points

Raping babies CAN be a good thing.

Seriously? I mean, seriously? You're sick.

0 points

Too right you're not "stooping my level"; no way would I step down for a coward such as yourself.

I am like Hellno? How would you even know that, none of us have even met each other (except from internet romantics and I can imagine Hellno is not one of those - his name says it all).

If Jesus Christ is on the hated side of the fence then hop over there but I'm already there so you'd better keep your distance as my foot will be itching to boot you into next year.

you will not outcast me

{No comment needed}

1 point

You won't get to know me, let alone quickly, so we can leave that out the picture for starters.

You say that He created us then "did nothing more". That is false, He did a lot more. Since you are using the bible, I will also: He sent His Son. He has done a great number of things since the worlds creation. It is just as easy for me to say this as it is for you to say He hasn't which leads me to believe this debate will be dull and destinationless. If it is to continue (the debate) what will be the main focus?

1 point

You are the opposite of truth. In fact, you're so far from the truth that you are even behind false! I have better things to do, don't be expecting me to argue for you next time you get banned or to offer advice when you wonder if raping a baby is a cool and healthy thing to do. May God help your sick and twisted mind, peace.

1 point

Actually it was the case. Why deny this when they are on your debates (if they (your debates) haven't already been deleted due to inappropriate content). It is truly pathetic that you continue to act the victim... does anyone fall for it? Nah: dude, you're like the most hated member on here.

1 point

Prove it jackass ;)

1 point

Just ignore him - he doesn't want help, he just pretends to then ignores the real people that want to help and focuses on the ones he manages to offends and proceeds to deliberately offend them further. It really is pathetic but its all down to attention. Sick huh?

1 point

Hmmf. Hellno I think actually, about birds lol ! It was only a few posts but was a pleasant welcome to CD :)

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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: Bahamas

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