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RSS Binkle

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Binkle(27) Clarified
0 points

If he was a Communist then why did he feel the need to invent fascism?

You're so fucking stupid it's embarrassing even talking to you.

You should be embarressed. Not very bright are ya buddy?

Giovanni Gentile, (born May 30, 1875, Castelvetrano, Italy—died April 15, 1944, Florence), major figure in Italian idealist philosophy, politician, educator, and editor, sometimes called the “philosopher of Fascism.” His “actual idealism” shows the strong influence of G.W.F. Hegel.

After a series of university appointments, Gentile in 1917 became professor of the history of philosophy at the University of Rome. While writing La filosofia di Marx (1899; “The Philosophy of Marx”), a Hegelian examination of Karl Marx’s philosophy, he met Benedetto Croce, and from 1903 to 1922 the two men coedited the periodical La Critica. Gentile influenced Croce’s philosophy and remained his friend until 1924, when a lasting disagreement arose over Gentile’s embrace of Fascism.

0 points

Since 1948, Heritage Foundation found 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America

Sounds like a perfect argument against mail in voting.

-1 points

Boogaloo is a Communist propaganda buzz word used to promote the idea that ANTIFA has an enemy coming against them in the streets, despite there being no actual faction attacking them in the streets. This is examplified in that many provably ANTIFA members have been arrested. No right wing people are being arrested because they aren't present.

2 points

Took 5 seconds to prove you are incorrect.

Washington Post Caught Red Handed Peddling Anti-Trump Fake News

1 point

The first proof of the state spying on us was Brennan, who's a Commie, and all during Obama's reign

1 point

I doubt that. I think you'll be burning in the pit of hell for eternity.

1 point

I can predict without error the positions CNN and MSNBC will take on any issue. Fox News agrees with Trump sometimes and disagrees other times. That tells the real story.

1 point

You are afraid to die aren't you? You won't exist in a few years. How does that make you feel?

1 point

Hillary literally said she was under sniper fire, ducking and dodging when she arrived in Bosnia. When video of her arrival surfaced, she said she was tired the week she said all that and mis-spoke. You would elect her tomorrow. How does your obvious hypocrisy feel as it leaks down your mouth and onto your lying little liar chin?


1 point

Hello ExCom

I interprted your dialogue to mean what I was already thinling. Flynn mean jack in the grand scheme of things.

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