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RSS BisexualAt

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1 point

I think no because they are wasting millions of dollars every year for American soldiers policing the world and killing their citizens to keep them safe when all together it is none of their business

1 point

My name would be Thief but only because I have Kleptomania

1 point

Micheal Obama because she already has her popularity from Barrack

1 point

Europe produced a couple of crappy dictators so what America has A LOT to explain for like killing a COUNTRY of Native Americans and then celebrating it n the form of thanksgiving and let's not forget Donald Trump so you cannot be discriminating on something that you guys have done a many times than us

2 points

Oh please if it does more good than harm then I must be on the wrong earth not only are christians picky about which part of the bible they follow but they also do it to the points that agree with them and pretend that the other ones do not exist and they are the most liable for physical harm with the racial terrorist group the KKK and phycological harm by being the definition of homophobic and I can not even think of any good that religion has brought

1 point

I do not get how people can just go on the side of "Trump can do no wrong" and I don't realise how Trump comes into this but he is known for being transgender phobic, sexist and racist before and It depends on wether it was west of east Virginia because the people that voted for Trump [East Virginia] would probably be the ones that were ok with a homophobic chief meanwhile West Virginia [Democratic voters] wouldn't have been ok with that and the chief would have immediately been fired by the higher authorities

BisexualAt(7) Clarified
1 point

And I guess you were a Trump supporter or maybe a conservative at a push so basically you stand by the man who will deport and rob from an already poor country to build a wall between them as if he is a child like if that is the sort of man you follow your naive and clueless about other peoples lives and how much worse they are than yours you selfish asshole

1 point

Well the thing is as a British citizen I do not care about Bill Clinton but I do care about how inconsiderate you Americans are because you talk about how abortions are wrong and mob the people that do have an abortion but what about the people raped as a minor huh that is what is wrong with your argument you mob the people that have an abortion but shun and abandon the ons that don't and for that very reason I conclude that the babies when aborted cannot even process the feeling of pain or death because of their under developed nerves unlike the poor cows you demand to be needlessly slaughtered daily

2 points

Alright so basically you guys are supposedly adults meaning you don't believe in imaginary friends but that means your being A grade stupid because religions are basically being a kiss ass to a none existent peso

Winning Position: Christians are smarter

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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