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RSS Bjornhoodles

Reward Points:22
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3 points

Stupid I couldnt get the clock app to work.

0 points

I have to say I agree. I had drank alchohol before I was 21 and it was always a risk. At the college parties I was at the majority of the party goers were under 21, if they lowered it the colleges would have less pressure on them, and they would not have the worries about their students being caught drinking.

Actually you can do that already in some states. I read up on the website Dawolfman put out as a citation. 07shoot.html

Actualy you can in some states I think.

This debate is nonsense ;)

It is not that I did not get it is just that I found it inapropriate and stupid to A.) not express a point and B.) Act like a dumbass which is all he does.

3 points

Have it reversible with the inside out side saying " dammit I thought it was gonna happen this time ... 2012 " that way it is an everlasting clutch tee

I totally agree with ya

We come back as a beautiful tree!!! Just kidding. We just go blank like a turned off computer. Is a computer smart if it is turned off?

3 points

Yes they do not pay taxes there fore it is not fair to us Americans, if they pay taxes and work for minimum wage then I dont give a dam.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Bjorn Cacknea
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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