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RSS BlackRaven

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1 point

In the outside world, both sexes intermingle. There's nothing wrong with gender separated schools, but eventually your going to have to communicate with the opposite sex. ( whether that be with jobs, relationships, etc...)

1 point

Sometimes, people really could use that money. You never really know what's going on behind the scenes in someones life. They really could be struggling. That extra bit of cash could really help them out, and can at least make them a little happier if they aren't in dire need of it.

2 points

There are really two sides here. Yes, Hitler was a man who was determined to reach his goal. He was intelligent, and that asset helped him to gain supporters. However, just because he knew what he wanted, doesn't mean that what he wanted was good.

He killed thousands upon thousands of people, just because of their religious beliefs, or how they looked. ( Not only Jewish people, but handicap, Africans and more were slain as well)

In all I really don't admire him, even if he was determined. When you've taken the lives of so many young individuals its really hard to say something positive.

1 point

Im 14. Yeah, I know its really a petty question, but sometimes you have to let loose to enjoy life.

1 point

Absolutely not. I'm not going to lie. Some men will only talk to you to get money, or sexual intercourse, but if you look hard enough, there are some really decent, respectable, wholesome gentlemen out there. I know in media, every guy is out for one thing only, but in reality, most are not. Most ladies have a good head on their shoulders (as do men). I think a majority of the population knows how to treat the opposite sex (And that's with respect, and care).

1 point

I'll be honest here.

Does a person's sexual preference deter your own life in any way? If a person is homosexual, I think that should be between that person and God, not all of us.

I think that he would want us to treat everyone fairly right? I'm not saying I'm for the whole idea, but I'm saying its wrong to single them out and ridicule them for their life choices.

1 point

Look how much hes done in the protective/defense category! During his presidency, Osama has been caught, as well as many other threats to our country as a whole.

I'm not saying he hasn't made mistakes, but hes human, like you and I. And to be honest, I think he has done more help then hurt.

1 point

Sorry I cant post details in the debate description itself, I'm on a kindle right now, and that option dosent seem to work.

I was watching the 54th grammys when Niki Minaj's preformance came on. Its theme was the exorcism of "Roman", her alter ego. The preformance was complete with a priest as her date, and dancers in long cerimonial robes. At one point, the song even uses "Come all ye faithful" as bridge. Throughout the song, Minaj speaks in possesed like fashions, and the very end, a levitation act is preformed.

Multiple Christain groups described her preformance as disrespectful, and even "vulgar". What do you think? Is it making a mockery of the Catholic church, or is it "art"?

1 point

Does it really matter what gender the person is? I realize in past times, women were not legally permitted on the battlefield, but did that stop them?

In the civil war, a woman's husband went out for battle one day. She then decided to disguise herself as a man, and fight alongside her husband. They both died.

This shows that women can have the same drive to go out and protect thier country or beliefs in this case. If the women are willing to go out and risk thier lives for thier country, then they should be able to.

1 point

I'm sorry. I really would have liked to post a description, but I was on a kindle when I posted this. The software does not let you post blogs or anything from it, because most of the format the sites use are incomparable.

I have no clue how I am able to post this, but somehow leaving comments works just fine...

I ment to edit this when I got to an actually computer, but never got the chance. Sorry! >.<

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