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RSS BlackSheep

Reward Points:203
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4 points

There should always be a clear separation of church and state as it protects everyone and avoids the tyranny of the religious majority.

1 point

Evolution has two meanings. First is means life changes and that is a fact. Second it is a theory and as a Scientific theory it has massive support, but it can not be proven. Science does not work that way.

1 point

What about the right of the Palestinians to do so? They were simply displaced and unsupported by the UK and the UN even though it went against UN laws.

1 point

I put human rights higher than the legality of how it was formed.

1 point

What about Palestine, including the land Israel was built on.

1 point

The Zionists formed Israel with the blessing of the UN and the UK, but no one seemed to take the Palestinian point of view into consideration. Their land was taken and then people call them terrorists for fighting to take it back.

Even many Jews are against Israel.

1 point

Yes, women can be sexist to men. Men can be sexist to men. There is really no question here.

1 point

Look on the yes side. I am pretty sure all the progressives are over there.

BlackSheep(203) Clarified
1 point

Every democracy is a republic the definitions are very similar. It is basically a government run by elected official within the rule of law.

1 point

Dictatorships invariably go bad. Democracies move slower and are not perfect, but it is really hard for them to mess things up as bad and even when they do it is largely because they have become ... a dictatorship.

Winning Position: Individuality

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Religion: Atheist
Education: College Grad

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