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RSS Blackblood

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1 point

I disagree with you on many points bronto, but here you are right. As a massive SW nerd myself, I can say she has abilities that just din't make sense. She's an ace pilot, master of the force, beat a trained sith in lightsaber combat expert mechanic and fantastic with a blaster. While there's nothing wrong with her being a woman in and of itsself, she couldn't be more Marey Sue if she tried. However, to say that liberals hate the military and america is a bit judgmental - I'm a liberal, and i think both America and its military are fine, even though I'm Scottish.

1 point

Zoos/aquariums. They keep animals in enclosed, oppressive spaces, and many physically abuse the animals to make them do things for audiences. Safari parks will last longer, but they may also be gone at the end of this time frame.

1 point

I have been studying at school for over 11 years now, and realize the benefits of homework. Many students do not focus in some classes, even falling asleep (I am guilty to this myself.) So, homework forces them to at least try to do the work, if they were not doing it in class, where teachers often cannot focus on all 20 - 25 pupils individually. My sister went to a school without homework for a year, and we all realized she was having much more difficulty grasping the concepts being taught to her, even though we agreed the teaching was of equal quality. I of course do not like homework, especially just now during my exams (I live in Scotland) but homework is a necessary evil, which enriches our learning.

0 points

This is just bare-faced insults. Saying all atheists are idiots? I guess that means Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Nikola Tesla and Charles Darwin all were unintelligent, despite being the main pioneers of the creation of modern life, inducing the computer you write your strawman arguments on.

1 point

While your first point is obviously true, the second has no bearing on his religion - I was forced to go to a christian church for a decade, and visited every Sunday. I truly was a christian at this time, and believed in the literal word of the bible. However, over the past 4 years, I have decided that everything about religion is just BS - I am truly an atheist. Therefore, his actions as a child have no bearing on his beliefs as an adult.

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