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1 point

I would choose the very bottom of Baja Mexico. It gives you nearly a 1,000 mile buffer zone between you and the expected blast zones in the United States and its nuclear allies in the Western Hemisphere.

I would also have a bunker that has approximately two feet thick of ultra high dense concrete (The type that is used in bank vaults). That would be for gamma radiation.

1 point

Lethal Injection is just as problematic as any other form of Capital Punishment.

1) Most of the condemned have bad veins due to drug use

2) The barbiturate might not be strong enough for larger size people

3) Companies making the drugs are ceasing to sell to the US because of their own personal views.

Pro's for Electrocution

1) Electricity causes unconsciousness almost instantaneously.

2) Its cheaper and it doesn't cause ethical issues involving doctors compared to lethal injection

3) It is the most effective form of execution that causes deterrence.

1 point

I definitely believe that discrimination and prejudice is very much a real thing and I will point out just the things I get discriminated about.

1) I am an atheist

2) My Weight is more 150 pounds

3) I suffer from mental illness

Those are just a few things I deal with all the time

1 point

Out of all the countries in the Pacific, Thailand has the highest murder rate against foreigners. To those that I know who have been there, the locals are Extremely Xenophobic and can pose a threat to anyone who decides to check this place out.

I would recommend to anyone that I know to go to the Philippines instead. The locals are very friendly towards travelers and wannabe explorers.

1 point

How can it be insulting/disrespectful to a faith that really doesn't exist? Humanity made religion because of a fact that we needed something that would provide a guide to morality, and many other things for different groups of people.

1 point

When it comes to the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the most radical of them all.

Not to mention that they have the largest standing military in the Middle East. But, I see them more as a threat of "Influence" than as an actual threat to any sovereign country. All countries that are in revolt right now, Libya, Egypt, Syria are being heavily influenced by Iran and it has been proven that the weapons the rebels are being supplied to are from Iran(Except Syria, which is an ally of Iran). They are the ones still causing problems in Iraq and the Taliban are being supplied by them.

They are still many years away from having a nuclear weapon system that can put the whole Middle East in danger.

1 point

It has been contested many times, and at least 3 occasions in the US Supreme Court that a person does not have any unrealistic levels of privacy.

This has also been tested in the UK as well since they use the cameras more than anywhere else in the World.

1 point

Since this isn't a matter of who is a better person, An Atheist vs Theist? This is a matter of control and free will. Every human being on this planet has the ability to think for themselves. Unfortunately, speaking for themselves is a different matter. But, no one should be forced to believe in one set of beliefs or another. This is a debate that truly comes out of the novel 1984.

No one should be forced into theism or not.

4 points

The bad parts of the bastardized versions of Communism out there are wrong and will never be what Karl Marx called "Utopia for the Common Man"

1 point

I knew someone who was deeply Mormon and was a firm believer in Abstinence. She was coming home (Arizona) to see her family for the holidays. She stopped at a rest stop and a serial rapist sexually abused her. unfortunately, the rapist was an illegal and the police didn't do very much to try to find who did this.

She was so distraught about not being a virgin, when her parents left the house. She killed herself with a .357 Magnum while they were away. She meant a lot to me. People like that, you cannot save. They will just find another way to end their pain. My problem was very treatable and I live a happy life today.

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"I am an educated individual that likes to participate in healthy intelligent conversations."

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Name: Michael Meece
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 85345
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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