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RSS Blood

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1 point

If the means of production stay in private hands, it could be fascism.

Fascism= Mostly state run

Capitalism= Mostly private

Socialism= Mostly collectively run

1 point

Unequal outcomes are indicative of a rigged game, especially if a given class of people consistently tend to win over others.

You are stupid on so many levels. Unequal opportunity is indicative of a rigged game, since you like to conflate socialism with a system of "equality of outcome" I'm not surprised at your confusion. Capitalism always leads to unequal opportunities and always leads to a rigged system. Number one your ability to produce wealth is determined by how much of it you already have (takes money to make money) and number two nepotism and old money privileges are rampant due to inheritance.

After the American revolution among others many of the high-borns stayed in power (many of the bloodlines are even to this day) because they kept their wealth and aristocratic status. This is why capitalism is little more than a tamed version of feudalism.

0 points

Theft? Slavery?

In capitalism the owners steal "surplus value" created by workers and the majority of people end up working for owners all their lives.

In capitalism the purpose of your existence is either to produce profit for someone else or to use other people to make profit for yourself. People who truly earn a considerable amount of wealth by doing things of true merit are the exception, not the norm.

Blood(217) Clarified
1 point

Even Hitler didn’t have the balls to kill it! He thought it was “flabby”. But he was too afraid of losing their support.

Hitler was not a national socialist, he was a fascist.

1 point

tell us all what’s Socialism?

Socialism is when the means of production are controlled collectively rather than by private owners.

1 point

Trump has cleaned more waste from the ocean than Obama, and Obama allowed the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline with no rebuke despite Natives rioting. Then he turned the hoses on them.

Cool, did you know Obama is a capitalist too?

As for the Asian families, libs are notorious for racism against Asians.

Not in particular and either way libs are capitalists.

you have no job and are mad that you have no money.

You have no job and are given money by the state.

The capitalism pic is funny because the left is intentionally attempting to put the state at the top of that pyramid

Have you not noticed that I consider libs to be barely any better than conservatives? There is quite a lot of old money controlling your economy but you want to whine about neo-liberals as if the system hasn't been fucked from the beginning.

the capitalists on this site seem to be doing quite well.

So is Obama, by capitalist logic that must make him a good person.

0 points

I'm not even reading the shit you post, you aren't interested in debate or constructive dialogue just spewing the lies that have been pumped into your retarded mouth by the cock of the established order.

0 points

Venezuela is poor because it only sells one commodity which is controlled entirely by the state.

2/3 of the economy is private and the rest is state run. It order for it to qualify as "socialist" there needs to be quite a bit of PUBLIC/COLLECTIVE ownership and there is literally none.

They were poor when Obama was in office, before the sanctions.

The sanctions were there before Obama.

They were the richest country in Latin America before Socialism.

They were never socialist, they simply had enough public programs to worry the capitalists enough to start economically sabotaging them.

0 points

I think you need to ask Captain Blood the resident socialist expert what socialism is and isn’t as it changes its mind every posting

It's not my fault you are a retarded ass nugget. I have never changed my mind, you are just grasping for any excuse to be a dick because you suck.

his latest rant has him saying Stalinism

There is no such ideology as "Stalinism" you ignoramus cock sucker. Stalin himself was a Marxist Leninist who was not as wise as Lenin and more irresponsible as a leader.

1 point

And in case anyone's wondering, I agree with Nom on the first, you on the second and neither of you on the last.

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