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1 point


I think it was Einstein who said, "just because everyone is doing it, it doesn't make it right"

1 point

Yes- I see immaturity so often on here. It's in the form of arguments but also exists as created debates. Has anyone here seen "Pokémon vs. Bakugan"? I suppose everyone has their interests, however.

I admit that I have felt tempted on a number of occasions to spout pointless ad hominem or general abuse. That's not an assertive way of doing things so I try not to.

1 point

Personally, I think it depends on the context. Of course, people of every colour should have equal rights, etc- but your question is "Does the colour of a person really matter?"

It does matter, but not for the purpose of racism or other forms of discrimination.

It wasn't long ago that I was reading through a booklet which outlined the courses run at one of the universities near me. It had courses which said for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people only. Does this tell you something? I think it does. There are all these things the government implements to try to make up for what happened to the stolen generation and the western culture's history of racism. It's morally justifiable, I suppose; but some people might say it's unfair- even following these circumstances- that Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders receive these benefits. I've heard some European people speak passionately about how they take up resources but give nothing back. That's not necessarily my opinion.

I may have strayed off topic there. But in the end it does matter.

1 point

I suppose it's possible, but is there any scientific proof to support this?

1 point

A point for the use of the world "codswallop". Very unusual.

:-P :-D

BlueEyed15(140) Clarified
1 point

I guess I could have put it in General or maybe World?

I put it into science because I thought the alignment of planets, etc, related to it.

1 point

Allies are people you consider to have the same opinions as you and support your arguments/disputes. They are more aware of your new debates and contribute more frequently than others to them.

Enemies are the people you commonly conflict with in a large number of situations.

Hostiles are people who have classed you as their enemy, and you may not have listed them as yours yet.

I don't think any of them should take away/ award up-votes or down-votes because it may be only you who disagrees/ agrees with them. It makes the system unfair, because if a person isn't liked by the majority of CreateDebate, they are going to end up with negative numbers, etc. It's bitter.

2 points

Pity is usually what a grieving/ sad person doesn't want. What they do require is support, and they can't get that from strangers.

0 points

Books for me. Generally more informative, reliable, and better for the health.

However, I highly recommend you look up this debate on the CreateDebate website. I'm sure you'll find many others.

BlueEyed15(140) Clarified
1 point

It probably means drastic, extreme, major, absolute, etc etc etc

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