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RSS Bob1234

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1 point

How often do you see Americans in a mile long line trying to get a loaf of bread or a 80 pound man and his starving family surrounded by flys sitting on a street corner dying left and right. You don't, those are poor people. People in America that are "poor" have iPhones and 4000 calorie a day diets. The truly poor are very far and between and have chosen that life from drug, life style or don't care about it. The bottom 40% of all Americans don't pay any taxes. The top 40% of Americans pay 60% of taxes. We live in an entitlement nation. Gimme gimme gimme. "you have more than me, so give me yours" mentality. So sad!

1 point

Wow, you could have at least came out swinging by saying "most" or "some" of the poor. Well since you didn't, I will have to say you are the idiot. Of course most people who are poor in the U.S.A like it. Why not, for the majority of them, they have cell phones, cars, cable T.V. and free health care. For the ones that roam the cold dark streets, they choose that life smoking crack under the bridge and don't give a rats a$$ if that life ever ends. You need to take a hard look at the rest of the world when you say poor or poverty. The united states had a .00000001% poverty when compared to the rest of the world. People in Africa are literally starving to death by the thousands each day with no food, shelter or support. "poor" people in the U.S. Are literally living without Days of our Lives and X box by the hundreds. Really?

1 point

Yep, take everyone's money, give it to the government and let them decide how to redistribute it. That's what Obama wants. If you like that idea, and mostly if your African American....keep voting

0 points

I agree, bush put us in debt for the next 100 years, so we can blame him forever. You republicans are nothing more than a brotherhood of rich racists. You took us from our homeland and made billions of dollars off us and now you keep that money while we starve in the streets. You have kept us down so long we are killing each other because we have no money. It's time for you to give us your money and Obamas going to do it. You republicans are going to fall from grace and us poor Africans are going to take over this country, then you will know how it feels.

2 points

Negroids!! See this is why we Africans are democrats. Your rich racist republicans keep saying we are the "N" word. Why would we join your racist group that don't support poor folks, Mit Romney even said he doesn't care about poor folks. And we know what that means. Most lower income, poor, folks are African American. That means Romney is just another southern riffle carrying, pick-up driving, rope toting, cross burning republican like the rest of you.

1 point

We African Americans army free. We are still slaves to your white discrimination. Obamas going to give us what's due to us. You people will pay. I'm gunna get my check, free health care, free housing and free food and your rich a$$ is going to pay for it.

1 point

Obama didn't buy me off. He is a great African who is helping the poor by taking what is rightfully ours from your white profit from years of slavery. You rich white folks should not have profited of the blood of our work after you took us from Africa. The top 1% are the ones who made us plant the cotton fields and it's time to give that money back to us!

1 point

You are racist because you don't like an African President

2 points

I am so tired of all these white racist republicans. Even if they "pretend" to support someone like Herman Cain, it's only so these white folks can hide the fact that they are racist. Doesn't matter if they are a rich white republican or middle class, they are all hating on poor African Americans. The ONLY reason these folks don't like our greatest President ever, Barack Obama, is because they hate African Americans. And yes we are African people, don't call us black people. We are not black we are from Africa. You white folks are just white, not white Americans, because you stole this country then stole us from Africa. I can't wait for Obama to win a second term so he can start given us african Americans the free health care, free education, free everything you white people owe us. He's gunna open his checkbook and give us deserving folks the money we need then snatch your rich white peoples "greed" money right out of your hands. That's what you get for making my family pick cotton for so long. We hope one day to have all the money and make you white folks pick cotton for once!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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