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RSS Bobbybolivia

Reward Points:10
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10 most recent arguments.

What im tring to say is that some christians hate athiests and some athiest hate christians and both groups dont wanna be hated on so thats not right for them to hate eachother do u get what im trying to say?

All the wayy lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 points

I dont think the people who posted the information about athiests right . Im athiest so it was kinda rude for them 2 say that athiest have hatered twords christians i mean like hate is a very strong word SOME athiest may not like christians but then that makes them hipocrits thats just my opinion and btw i have nothing against religious ppl

Wheres your evedance of where u can justify that there is a hevan and hell

2 points

Theres this one hobo in my town and he asked for money all day annd then he dosnt even use it for food and he just buys cigarrets all day and i think its a big wast but some of the homless will probablly use it for good

I know right and some of these "adults" sometimes dont even know what there talking about.

Althought it not required in the teachers contract the teachers should set an example on the kids

That was pretty messed up to say.first of all america was founded on immagrints from all over the world... Yeah i understand that theres a lot of illegals in the us but in reallity whoes gonnna work in the agricultural department. And second my familly is mexican and were people just trying to escaped all the chaos in mexico some of us have papers (like me) but it was really wrong for u to say that were like "chacoroches and we scatter around in the light helicperlight/boder patrol"... Illigals are willing to risk there life to get the same life that u me nd other ppl do

2 points

All i was trying to say was that when your gay u always have religiouse ppl against you because of ur orientation and i dont think its fair that on the voting ballat for legalizing gay marrage that people dont vote yes because either they dont like it or its because it there religion(and no government cant make a law that has do do with religionor something along thoese lines)..... And second of all yes in the eyes of religiose ppl "i did make a sin" how do u really know that there is a heven nd a hell....have u had any real peices of evidance?(its just something to thinkk about when ur dealing with aithiests)

First of all this is sad im only 14 and i have a better view of the world and idk how old are u but u must be stupid did u honestly get dropped on her head while u were a baby first of all u have to be polliticly correct were not in war with any country where in war with the talliban not with the country and second of all theres gay ppl in our millitay that protect ur ass and still give u the right and me and all the other debatros on this site and around the world to have freedom of speech so before u discriminate u should be thanking them that there willing to give up there lives for u and all u have to say is fucking rude remarks to them (thats pretty selfish) and second of all anybody who commites a crime dosnt have to be a specific orientation and third of all justin bieber is just another person trying to make his living in this world ...u honestly need to grow up and do something with ur life cuz spending all ur time making ppl fell bad about themselves makes u look like u got nothing better to do like mabey u start a familly get a girl or pleasure yourself if u really have nothing better to do but dont come here and start shit ...u need to accept before u judge cuz ppl like you re just gonna ruin this world (and no if ur intention was to get me mad u failed miserably)

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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