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1 point

In Hitler's Germany, you obeyed your superiors or you would be executed. "Just obeying orders" was not considered a defense at the Nuremburg trials by the USA, Russia, or Britain. But France disagreed. France accepted that a soldier must obey a superior officer.

2 points

You guys don't get it. excon is the FBI's gate guardian against free speech on Createdebate. He used to work with the 80 fibbies censoring Twitter content, but he got transferred to youtube for coming in late and drunk too many times.

1 point

Time to play poker guys.

The emperor of China is telling the senile President of America that if Pelosi goes to Taiwan, it could be war?

Okay, this is interesting.

Should we take the emperor seriously? Putin keeps ranting about how if NATO keeps giving Ukraine weapons he will use nuclear weapons on NATO. But most people in NATO consider it a bluff. Not even Putin can be that stupid.

But the emperor of China? One hopes he is smarter than Putin or Hirohito, and he realizes that taking on the USA will almost certainly lead to a chinese defeat? But the fool seems to have (like Putin) staked his personnel popularity on being a tough guy, and he may well be stupid enough to actually do it? But is he bluffing? Personally, I think he is. The problem is, that he has also staked the vision of his own immortality on invading Taiwan. And the window for that appears to be closing. The Taiwanese are churning out missiles like hot cross buns, and they have asked the yanks for HIMARS. At the moment, the USA and Europe are distracted by Ukraine, and another war, this time in the vital for everybody Pacific Ocean, would be inconvenient to everybody. So too, China's once robust economy is coming apart as the legendary greed of it's party officials and bureaucrats destroy confidence in the Chinese economy among their own people.

So it is now or never. On the other hand, the emperor must be looking at the sanctions that the west is imposing on Russia and realising that his own country would be devastated if such sanctions were imposed upon China.

We live in interesting, and dangerous, times. Keep your powder dry.

1 point

The Chinese have a short trial and take the offenders out and put a bullet in their heads at a sports stadium, among tens of thousands of cheering fans. Seems to work a treat. China does not have a drug problem. But they must laugh at how democracy can not prevent zombies from taking over entire US streets.

2 points

The reason why is easy. Almost anyone who is a Democrat politician is either an idiot, a wild eyed ideological zealot, a racist rabble rouser who hates white people, or an Elmer Gantry figure. Not much to choose from there when it comes to picking a leader.

1 point

No, test them on Sri Lankans. They will do anything for a job, right now.

0 points

Ooooh, Norwich. it looks like I stuck a pin in your inflated ego?

You are correct in saying that this topic is about whether the number of firearms in society is responsible for homicide rates. The answer is, yes and no. law abiding societies with strong social cohesion can be armed to the teeth and it will not affect homicde rates at all. Examples are Switzerland and Israel. During ww2, it was feared by the British government that the very large number of young servicemen and home guardsmen walking around the streets of every British city, openly carrying all manner of lethal military weapons would cause violent criminal behaviour to soar. it didn't happen. When Germans are are dropping bombs on everybody the community comes together and people put aside their petty personal problems.

Violent societies with poor social cohesion and an out of control media which is usurping the traditional means of transmitting the pro social cultural values of its population, and changing them to anti social values where violent, revenge seeking mass murders, gang members, and other violent criminals are presented as heroes., most certainly do. Here in Australia yesterday, the NSW Police Commissioner has asked media companies to censor violent rap and drill music as he correctly believes it is fueling the upsurge in gang related violent behaviour in his state.

1 point

In 1973, the Walt Disney Co. took the unprecedented step of removing a scene from a movie within days of it being released. The movie was THE PROGRAM starring James Caan. The movie depicted a scene where a group of young football players show how tough they are, by lying down on the centreline of a busy highway while cars whiz by around them. The media executives moved quickly to cut the scene from every movie house in the US, when one young man was killed and two others seriously injured in separate incidents, imitating the movie. Disney executives had to quickly remove the scene, not only from every copy of the film, but also from every other film who's coming attractions trailer included the offending image.

Making a virtue of necessity, Motion Pictures Association President Jack Valenti praised the decision by Disney to pull the scene a "A statesmanlike thing to do.". When pressed about the obvious connection between the tragic incidences and the movie, he replied. "I am not one who believes that a movie makes you do anything". Of course, movies may not make a wealthy, highly educated, intelligent and overpaid media lobbyist like Jack Valenti do anything. But there are obviously plenty of immature youngsters out there, who most definitely can be motivated to do things that are illegal, irresponsible and downright idiotic.

1 point

You are correct, excon. Most people can. But some people can not. And they are the ones you should be worried about.

1 point

Here in Australia, John Lesley Coombes brutally murdered a man and was sentenced to death. His sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. But in Australia "life" rarely means "life." He was released after 11 years and then murdered Michael Speirani. The reason he murdered Michael is because he coveted his car. The murder was particularly cruel. He lured Micjael out to sea in his fishing boat, hit him over the head when we was not loing, then threw him overboard. When Michael remained afloat and conscious, he ran over him repeatedly with the boat so the boats propeller would cut him to pieces. he was once again sentenced to "life" but was released again after 9 years, in 2007. He then raped and murdered rachel betts then cut up her body in a bathtub and disposed of the peices around the town he lived in.

If this excuse for a human being had been initially executed, 2 innocent people would not have died horrible deaths.

Winning Position: Races are not equal.

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