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-1 points

Er.. you like the idea of Comcast intentionally throttling the bandwidth of customers using the internet to access Netflix, because Netflix is a rival service to Comcast?

-1 points

Er.. you like the idea of Comcast intentionally throttling the bandwidth of customers using the internet to access Netflix, because Netflix is a rival service to Comcast?

-1 points

I never said it's irrelevant to the debate.


ProLogos: What's your point?

Bohemian: Civil liberties don't end at need.

ProLogos: No, moron. What's your point in stating that? Looks like you're just rambling.


ProLogos: Well then, Constitutional rights are irrelevant when it comes to need.

Bohemain: And...?

ProLogos: That's been my whole point about your argument from the start.


ProLogos: I never said it's irrelevant to the debate.

It's just noncombative, which makes your dispute nonsensical.

No, it doesn't but I tire of arguing semantics with you. In any case I'm not sure what you mean 'non-combative'. I posted, as we now both agree, relevant information in a gun control debate so your contention is what exactly?

But the implication of it was the explanation.

If all you are going to do is reiterate your claim, and ignore my questions and avoid the meat of my rebuttal this is conversation is not going to go anyway.

To see the implication is a simple step by step process. You want rhetoric effect.

I'm not sure what you think rhetoric effect is or what I meant by it, but it does not depend on whether or not you are personally persuaded. The 'Effect' was emphasis, not persuasion. I don't go into any debate expecting to persuade the opposing side. That's a fool's errand. Debate nearly always cements the opposition more firmly in their position, there are psychological reasons why this happens. Even if someone realizes their position is wrong mid-debate they will continue to argue as if it is correct.

You dont think so because you get off on the idea of being attacked.

I suppose 'moron' and 'dipstick' are terms of endearment?

That's just your unsubstantiated opinion. It's the perfect argument in a gun control debate

Bwhahahahahahahahaha! I suppose perhaps it might be a high-caliber argument for you, but it would not survive (and hasn't thus far) the most cursory critical examination. If Need were the critical factor to determine whether some consumer product ought to be highly restricted then we'd have to, by the extension of that logic, treat every non-necessity in an identical manner.

We'd have to ban, or highly restrict garden gnomes, puzzles & board games, grills, fish-tanks, comic books, swimming pools, movies, coffee mugs with snarky sayings on them, unicycles, television sets, collectible knick-knacks and doodads, video games, furniture, clothes for cats, mansions, luxury cars, tattoos, all beverages besides water, paintings, french doors, entertainment systems, theater, Roller coasters & water parks, and virtually all leisure activity and accessories/peripherals etc...

Of course we don't need any of these things, but need is entirely besides the point.

When people stop wanting Guns, the demand goes down , and less guns are being put into the world.

Because people only want things they need?

Again, you guesses wrong. I banned you from the other debate because the only thing you had to say was "Your argument is terrible."

I said a bit more than that, as did some of the other users you banned.

You were clearly condemning insipidity.

But then said something insipid.

For the apparent fact that you say so.

-1 points

That's been my whole point about your argument from the start.

If you do not grasp the relevance of Constitutional Rights in a debate about gun control, your incomprehension is self-imposed, and I can do nothing to remedy that. That being noted, I fail to see how this in anyway answers my question.

Now you get it, Dipstick

So let me see if I understand this correctly. You have a problem with "cussin", but calling your opponents morons and dipsticks unreciprocated, is just fine with you?

How did you reach that conclusion?

Because you said: "'I'm not persuaded' is implied. So it is an explanation for why it had no rhetoric effect."

To say that one is 'not persuaded' is the definition of personal incredulity. Then you went on to infer ("So it is an explanation...") from personal incredulity that an explanation was therefore made.

Why not?

Because simple declarations of personal incredulity are not explanations. If someone claims that Western Silverback Gorillas Have a propensity towards tool use more similar to chimpanzees than to Eastern Silverback Gorillas, and someone else responds "I'm not persuaded" has that person made an explanation as to why the aforementioned statement is untrue?

No, Slowhumian, I was simply stating an exception.

I don't think you were but I won't dwell on it.

Then nobody knows what your point is, including you.

I think my point is pretty apparent; "You don't need guns" is a terrible argument in a gun control debate. Had this been your debate, I'm guessing you would have banned me already.

It was to point out your insipidity.

That may have very well been your intent, but the question was nevertheless still nonsensical.

-1 points

So you'd pretend to entertain the idea that a random user on is actually God incarnate with a profile account, rather than admit that your argument was rubbish?

1 point

Well then, Constitutional rights are irrelevant when it comes to need.


"I'm not persuaded" is implied.

So implied personal incredulity is tantamount to explaining why something is wrong?

So it is an explanation for why it had no rhetoric effect.

It's still not.

None of that is true here

Apparently it is, or you'd not have spent the effort you have to remonstrate over my choice of words.

except maybe your admittance to vulgarity.

Do you believe that I have cause to deny vulgarity? Vulgarity is no substitute for wit but it is a fantastic addition to it. Any who have seen and read my posts will are aware that I have no shortage in my lexicon, and yet I still occasionally find good use of words the prudish are too reticent to use.

So your point here is to argue that you have rights?

Er.. no, it was more a rejection of your advice that I refrain from "cussin".

Its not my conclusion...its exactly what you said in response to my question.

Your question was nonsensical.

1 point

It was a counter example. A sound argument will not equally support false conclusions to true ones. We know that the user nobodyknows is not your god, ergo by using an equivalent argument to come to a known false conclusion he has effectively demonstrated the unsoundness of the argument you just put forth (e.g., "what is your evidence that there is no evidence" ...).

1 point

As long as you are aware of the self-imposed irrelevance of your statements.

1 point

No, moron. What's your point in stating that?

You said "You don't need all those guns", I was pointing out that need is irrelevant when it comes to constitutional rights. I don't think I can elucidate my position any more clearly than that.

Good for you! But I just explained why it has no rhetoric effect.

You said it makes me look mad, which is not the same as saying it has no rhetoric effort, nor is telling someone that something has no rhetoric effect equivalent to explaining why it has no rhetoric effect.

And since rhetoric effect is what you're aiming for, then don't be cussin.

Saying that something is "fucking insipid" adds flavorful emphasis in a way that "very insipid" will never achieve, and I use it mostly to that effect. When used selectively can be a useful rhetorical tool, though can lose its distinctiveness when overused (much like fully capitalized words, I might add). Like it or not I reserve the right to swear, and anyone whose sensibilities cannot bear the sight of adult language I would advise to close their eyes.

Insipid means " Civil liberties don't end at need". Gotcha.

I don't see how you could have come to that conclusion based upon what I have said.

1 point

What's your point?

Civil liberties don't end at need.

Don't be cussin like a sailor now, cuz it makes you look mad.

I reserve the right to swear for rhetoric effect.

Also, what does insipid mean if "but I have a right to nevertheless.", isn't insipid?

It means precisely what I've already stated. Civil liberties don't end at need.

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