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Yes, that's why the use of genetic modification has to be controlled to so many levels to make sure it isn't abused. If we set proper studying behind it and set boundaries I'm sure we can provide good results. Sure there'll be bad results but I can't think of one thing in the world that doesn't have a down-side.

Edit: Argh, lag made me click oppose instead of favor.

5 points

I think it's a great site. First time I've seen this idea and it seems to work well. I'm not usually a big fan of debate, however such a large selection makes it hard not to find your interests.

1 point

Personally I would prefer to be reincarnated. To spend eternity bringing up old memories would be like sitting in a bed looking at the roof and waiting to fall asleep with the lights on. Reincarnation begins a new life and new memories, with new outcomes and different situations, although the old life would not be remembered.

If there was a way to meet halfway, I'd stay in heaven until I felt I had caught up enough, then be reincarnated.

I'd also like to say that I am not a believer of either theories, but there's nothing wrong with posing situations.

3 points

Fishing is watching a man play tug of war with a small no armed or legged animal, where the man has a clearly bigger surace to grab and pull from, whereas the fish can only pull from it's mouth, causing pain and getting further away where eventually it will be pulled onto the boat, without permission or invitation.

Golf involves many men competing in a game of strength, accuracy, skill and analysis of the playing conditions, not to mention how much variety there is, it's not just water surface but bunkers, water obstacles and many other things. Golf stands a fighting chance of being interesting because there is a goal to beat. Fishing is just "HEY THIS FISH IS BIGGER THAN YOURS, SUCKARRRR"

1 point

I a proud to be a New Zealander. We are doing well down here, I see no major problems that aren't global. We seem to be running smoothly for the moment and I enjoy living in a place like this. Clean, green, expansive and hospitalizing.

3 points

Clearly Superman. Batman wouldn't get anywhere near any kryptonite before Superman wiped the floor with his blood stained mask.

4 points

Violent games are more fun than disturbing. I can't say I've been negatively influenced from them because I haven't. If anything they are a positive thing which releases anger from children. I'd rather have them kill a few cops in a game than to punch up another kid in real life. If you do something aggressive because it looked fun in a video game you are one sick fk and that's probably a 0.001% of all people who play those kinds of games.

2 points

Google have the history whereas Yahoo is just there. I've never used yahoo before and the only thing they are associated with me by is that I talk to people who use the email addresses. Google has the applications to go further than a search engine, for example, Google Earth, Google Sketch-up, Google Analytics, just to name a few. Can't say you aren't impressed by their massive line-up.

3 points

Definitely the egg, I back up the statement ahead of me which states that eggs were around long before chickens were around.

2 points

I think genetic modification for humans would be a good idea. There are many things that animals have been the inspiration for over the years, why that can't be the same for human genetics, I don't know.

I think controlled genetic modification would be a good idea. For example, disease neutralizing genes from other animals and immunity to common problems can help us in the long run.

Sure, we are changing our natural evolution, but changing it for the better? That's the real question.

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