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RSS BookBird101

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2 points

I'm not sure the non-existence of God is generally accepted as reality, because if that were the case, there wouldn't be so many theists in the world. Rather, neither side is 100% sure of His existence or lack thereof. Also, I'm still confused as to how having a belief makes me delusional. I've heard all of the rational arguments, and I'm not saying they're wrong or false, I'm just saying that I have my faith. If that's a crime, so be it. I thought the bigger picture was accepting other people's differences and moving on? Calling us delusional seems to be a step backwards again.

0 points

Well, as I'm sure you know, medicine does not always work, such as in cases of cancer or HIV/Aids patients. Yet the healing power of God that are your determined to disprove works in those situations. The point is that you have to have faith, and even if you are a good person, but you don't have faith, then there is no reason for your prayers to work.

Emma Watson .

BookBird101(575) Clarified
1 point

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. "Most zoosexual don't feel for humans"?

BookBird101(575) Clarified
1 point

Rainbows are caused by the dispersion of light. Also, there's a formula: ask + faith = healing. Although I pray that you will receive your healing or whatever, you've got to have a relative amount of faith. If you're simply one of those people who "claims" they've asked but nothing happened because they're intent was to prove Christians wrong in the first place, then I'm not surprised you haven't received.

BookBird101(575) Clarified
1 point

Aren't the arguments more valuable and important than the points? But sure, I won't.

BookBird101(575) Clarified
1 point

Because this is the world I'm going to live in for the next 60 or so years. I might as well take care of it.

BookBird101(575) Clarified
1 point

Except that as far as I know, unicorns have done nothing to suggest their presence in the world, whereas people have experienced the healing power of God countless of times.

I'm not a religious Christian so I'm not going to defend them on that account. In fact I agree with you, some religious Christians love to smother others with their beliefs and opinions. They are also full of themselves and frustratingly narrow-minded... Then again, there's a good number of non-religious people who love bringing up the 'Does God exist?' argument every time, so they can crush Christian faith... everyone's responsible really.

It isn't. I completely ignored the right side of this debate to express my personal thoughts on this matter. Would it make you feel better if I mentioned indifference in my argument?

I wasn't arguing that hate is the opposite of indifference. I didn't even mention indifference in my argument. I was just offering my opinion on this side of the debate because there was no middle ground, and it made more sense for hate to be the opposite of love than indifference.

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About Me

"Book-a-holic. Avid gamer. Procrastinator."

Biographical Information
Name: Elsa 
Gender: Girl
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Tanzania
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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