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-1 points

Your fascist propaganda is just outrageously stupid.

Your country has to protect Churchill statues from the left. You are so dumb little dummy Fascist boy.

A statue of Winston Churchill may have to be put in a museum to protect it if demonstrations continue, his granddaughter has said.

Emma Soames told the BBC the war-time prime minister was a "complex man" but he was considered a hero by millions.

She said she was "shocked" to see the monument in London's Parliament Square boarded up, although she said she understood why this was necessary.

It came after protesters daubed "was a racist" on the statue last weekend.

Indeed, the man who fought the Fascists is a Fascist. That's how messed up in the head you stupid dickheads are. Open a book and stop being a pathetic dipshit. You sound dumber than a box of dog shit.

0 points

He's made this country too dangerous, what with the wide-open spread of disease

Left wing cities spread diseases to each other, and it's Trumps fault, while the left says that Trump has no authority over the states when riots break out in LEFT WING CITIES. God you people are dumb.

the rise of white supremacy, the racism

Where? White leftists are burning down black residential areas and businesses in LEFT WING CITIES. No Conservatives are present. No Conservatives are in power. No Conservatives live there. Do the dots ever connect Al?

1 point

A Communist created Fascism.

You might literally be the most stupid person who has ever lived. I'm not exaggerating or trolling. I've known you for what now, 4-5 years? That's long enough to form an opinion about it.

I'm game. Explain to us how an apostle of Marx and other idealists is called "the father of Fascism" by the left, and the right, but is not the father of Fascism or a disciple of idealists.

0 points

The truly sad thing is that I don't think we've moved very far past those times. The attitudes are still there because of the class system.

Then you aren't very smart, don't know anything about civil rights history, and have never watched old videos where racist statements by today's standards were normal.

1 point

I don't get why people would want to strut around advertising that they're an anti-American loser.

Why exactly is the Confederate flag "anti-American", but kneeling for or burning the American flag not "anti-American"?

1 point

Imagine I'm a judge and you are accused of being an idiot. I'd like you to expand upon this theory that you are not an idiot if there are other idiots too.

You didn't address Muslim countries still practicing slavery. You actually defend the religion, so nobody believes your fake outrage and attempts at virtue signaling when clearly slavery doesn't bother you.

1 point

Due to him being the kind of guy who can't even pay people to like him.

Due to the left acting like Hitlerian psychopaths towards anyone who doesn't bend the knee, and it's worse now than at any time during his Presidency.

1 point

Most Americans Still Sane. Trump's Approval Rating At A Laughable 38 Percent

It's bounced between 35 and 49 due to the outlier situation of the left having shamed and doxed anyone that admits to being for him. That's why the left was caught off guard when their polls said Hillary was up by 13% and she lost. The silent voter who silently goes in, checks the box next to Trump, and never says a word.

Studies have shown that phone polls may substantially undercount Trump vote.

*Stealth Trump voters are not ashamed of voting for the president. They just don’t want a target on their backs. Just the News spoke with three such voters — "Jane," John," and "Richard," all of whose names have been changed to hide their identities.

Jane is a Chinese-American woman from the suburbs of Indianapolis who says she has to face the liberal politics of soccer moms all the time. “I'm scared to death,” Jane told Just The News.

As a single mom to a teenager, Jane doesn’t need any extra burdens. “I worry that I would become a target of harassment or discrimination,” she says.

Jane even goes into stealth mode with many of her family members. “They don't know,” she says. “I play stupid … They hate Trump. They have Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

And if a pollster called asking whom she’s going to vote for? “I would just say, ‘Oh, I don't know. I'm one of those independent voters. I haven't decided.’ I will not voice support for my president, and I think it's a shame that we can't, but I don't want any repercussions coming back.”

2 points

You've spoiled this website for everybody.

What you mean is getting your ever living ass stomped into a mudhole every day because your dumber than dog shit has ruined it, and only ruined it for you because you are a little bitch.

2 points

You haven't been sane since 1985

Great comeback. With a response like that, I'll assume you are a lower mammal, maybe a spider monkey. More evidence of why the left can't meme or debate. Well, stupid people have no wit or ability to respond to the statement rather than the person. Attack the person, not the argument. Just like Hitler, who lacked common sense, and loved drugs. It is clear that you got the recipe to his cocktail. Isn't that correct Adolf?

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