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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Hi Bronto.

Are you somehow under the impression, in this gleeful little fascist pseudo-reality in which you live, that anybody in their right mind should give a flying shit about how much business Starbucks does?

I don't care, you silly corporate dishcloth. In fact, I'd be glad if it happened, but the very fact that you have written it guarantees it to be a lie. Hence, you've managed to offend and disappoint me all in one go. Top job!!!

2 points

Capitalism does cause you some problems but is Capitalism working out for the people of England and the UK ?

No it isn't. We have the same rate of social mobility as Victorian Britain.

2 points


But I'm on a mad chess run. I haven't lost a single game since I've been playing again, which is insane. I've gone over 15 games without a loss and I've been playing the computer too. There's another app I play on called LiveChess and people just leave when they think you've got them beat. Someone did that to me earlier and he or she wasn't even in that bad a position. He or she had been playing really well up until that point too, so it was stupid. There's something about chess which makes people afraid to lose.

Anyway, I've been playing the computer too, but only on a fairly low level. I started on 1000 (level 4) but then went up to 1200 (level 5) because it was too easy. 1200 is bloody hard man. I've beaten it about 3 or 4 times now but I couldn't do it with a clock. I have to sit there really thinking about what to do next.

Do you run the analysis at the end of games? Get this. Last night I beat the computer at level 5 and the analysis said I didn't make a single mistake. That's crazy because I've never actually learned anything from books or anything else. I just like playing. Just beat it again though and this time I didn't do so well. I played black. The analysis was:-

Excellent moves. White = 14. Black = 20.

Good moves. White = 2. Black = 4.

Inaccuracies. White = 12. Black = 5.

Mistakes. White = 2. Black = 2.

Blunders. White = 2. Black = 3.

Still not bad given that I made a mistake early on and thought it was gonna cost me the entire game.

1 point

How is SOCIALISM working in NORTH KOREA ?

How is capitalism working out in Zimbabwe there bro? Is inflation still at EIGHT BILLION percent?


Shut up.

3 points

YEAH LIMEY everybody loves them some SOCIALISM now that is a winning plan !!!!!!! ROTFFLMMFAO !!

Yeah, I much prefer gaping inequality, homelessness, political corruption and being used as a workhorse to make somebody else rich. Good one.

1 point

I couldn't vote for a leftist if I lived 10 trillion years

It's lucky for us that you don't understand how many people flock to the left every time you open your stupid lying mouth.

1 point

assault weapons

OK, I'm done. If you're not even honest enough to address my comments then this is pointless. You might as well be having a conversation with yourself.

1 point

Nukes can now be fired without anyone flipping a switch

So let me just get this straight a minute.

Guns need someone to pull the trigger in order to work, therefore we should sell them to strangers in department stores???

Wtf? Are you literally an idiot?

1 point

Pellet guns are on the assault weapons ban list just updated today.

Tell us more about the thirteen years "defenceless law-abiding citizen" Jeffrey Dahmer spent legally buying guns, stumblebum.

1 point

Law abiding citizens are buying firearms from all department stores in America.

No, people who have not yet been caught and prosecuted for breaking the law are buying firearms from all department stores in America, you stumbling, irrational halfwit.

Why don't you remind us how long it took authorities to catch "law-abiding citizen" Jeffrey Dahmer?


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