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RSS Bradf0rd

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1 point

"Proving that one thing exists then expecting another thing to exist because it shares traits with the first, or has been redefined to be the same, doesn't prove that second thing to exist."

Oh wait, I see the flaw in this argument... I never did prove that the universe exists. kthx brb.

1 point

"You're not proving god's existence, you're just describing the universe and then tacking "god" onto it."

I was merely proposing a different perspective by comparing the supposed characteristics of God with the only thing that we can attribute these characteristics to, the realm in which things exist.

My argument was more like "God == X, Y, Z == Existence"

"You start by defining god, and then proving that it exists. You don't describe something else in terms you associate with god and expect that something to become god."

The Bible is a book written in only so many words. It cannot or may not have been designed to explain to it's readers in great scientific detail, what God is. The point of the Bible is not to probe God. God isn't something to be poked at with a stick and measured. If you don't believe, which is all it takes, then ignore it. No one is forcing you to change, in fact, if there is a God it is allowing you to live your life the way you see it.

"Yet there is still suffering."

I think good and bad are on the same scale, and that is the scale of quality. If good can exist, which I think it does, so will bad. You pay for your good with bad, and visa versa. So, yes. There is still suffering. I was saying that if we exist, God allows you to suffer and endures it with you, because it's important to know suffering to know virtue.

7 points

Interesting. I have some questions though.

According to the Bible, can one have faith in God but not man, and be right in the eyes of God?

Assuming you have faith in God, you believe that Jesus was the son of God and that he died for our sins... and you love all people, wicked or not, as family. The only difference is you do not seek instruction or help from other people because they can or maybe corrupt in their understandings.

0 points

Very good argument, I would up vote you twice but I can't. Keep it up, please.

1 point

I love rain.

I live in a place where in summer there are no clouds in the sky, only dirt, and the temperature reaches over 110F during the summer. So, personally, I love the rain. Fresh smelling, crisp, cool air, water, what is there not to love?

Ask me in a year though, I'm moving to Portland Oregon in a month... my opinion may change, but I doubt it.

1 point

This is what I'm saying. The only possible outcomes to this question are...

A) The operation is invalid

B) The second of two operands are invalid

C) The only valid operand is the difference of no operand

So, it's either the question if flawed and cannot give a positive answer (unless you can have to valid operands), the second operand is invalid, meaning the operation is invalid (as already stated), or the only difference found in the operation is the difference of X and nothing... which is X.

Again, my point is that you cannot distinguish because the operands are incompatible, the operation on the operands is incompatible, and even if you were to carry out the operation, or force it (which invalidates the results) you get only "natural disaster" by itself. You cannot distinguish the difference between the two.

To make the the operation valid you assume God. Once you do this though you should get the same result as before, "NO". X and Y in this case are equal and so there is no difference assuming Y is valid. An act of nature is an act of god, or an act of god through nature is still an act of nature, through god.

Unless you are so delusional that you believe there is some way to actually distinguish without a doubt, the difference, you will always get "NO". Like, if you believe right before a natural disaster, god comes down from where ever, as a unnatural thing, and says "I AM GOD AND I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE A DISASTER HERE THAT MAY LOOK LIKE A NATURAL DISASTER, BUT IT'S NOT BECAUSE I AM CAUSING THE DISASTER AND I AM UNNATURAL AND SO IT THE NATURAL THAT I'M ABOUT TO USE AGAINST THINGS, IT WILL ALSO BE UNNATURAL TEMPORARILY!!! HAHAHAHAH". That's the only way you could get a "YES" from this question.

1 point


That's what I explained to him(her?)... anyone who stays @ #1 for a that long will be attacked... just like Kukla and yourself...

I guess if you're with your kids all the time and still posting to CD it's possible to have a life and be #1.

Maybe it's just that CD is incredibly slow?

1 point

There are 4chan memes all over that shit and they're all old memes anyway.

Also, nothing compares to 4chan.

2 points

Funny, it seems like in the past few days I've been getting more up votes than I should be.

In either case though, you should stop worrying about it.

3 points

I've been here too much in the past week or so, I think I need to get a life.

Terminator though is here when I'm not, and he's here when I am... so he definitely needs to get a life.

AND the leaderboard shows it. Whoever is on that leaderboard needs to get a life IMO. It doesn't really mean anything except that you're here all the time saying more shit than anyone else, constantly, for at least a week.

Terminator is #1 on that list haha, above Joe!

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