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RSS BrainInAJar

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Fascism is left wing. That's why left wingers act like Fascists and do Fascist things.

1 point

It has come to my attention that you like being pickled. I would quite enjoy pickling you. Let me do that. Take off your shirt. Let me have a go at those delicious nipples.

1 point

This is the part where the whores and drugs are brought in.

1 point

I lived through the Cuban missile crisis. We watched the news. Nothing happened.

1 point

Still no job, eh nom, you piece of trash parasite?



BrainInAJar(24) Clarified
1 point

Cool. So why was it fucked up when libs ran it dumbass?


1 point

Put me back in your head. You dropped me back at your debate about liking swastika shaped pepperonis on your pizza.

1 point

Or repeal gay marriage, abortion and legal marijuana. The left wants it shredded. Shred it, and your rights end where we say they do. Tread lightly.

1 point

A few years later, when they realized their mistake, they couldn't bare to make the penalties equal.. They STILL kept the disparity at 18 to 1 even when they KNEW crack and powder were the SAME thing....


Democrats could have changed it for decades. They are such disgusting people that they let blacks be targeted unfairly as colateral damage to keep it as a weapon for politics. Don't change the system, let em stay in jail, and keep the appearance of systematic racism to keep blacks angry. That is pure evil.

1 point

50% voted the Democratic candidate for Congress in their district, while 49% voted the GOPs nominee

That supports your opponent's claim that most Catholics vote Democrat. If you're going to quote links, at least pick quotes that don't prove your opponent's claim. I can also see you changed the actual link's texts. Your spelling is awful. Tell us what "vored" means.

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