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RSS BricenRivers

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2 points

North Korea is run by a leader who is power obsessed and all about his ego. He will eventually bomb someone to prove a point and basically show the world "Hey North Korea is here and we can bomb people too". Why not go ahead and bomb their sources of the bomb and the country to go ahead and stop a problem before it starts. Kim Jong Un may not be all talk and we shouldn't wait until it's too late.

2 points

Aaleeyah 3

option 3 seems like the best option because it possibly eliminate a world war due to unwillingness to communicate between the two countries. Putting a halt to the nuclear program in Korea by the US agreeing not to undermine the government would add trust between the countries.

1 point

Bricen Rivers (1)

I think we should do a preemptive attack because if you blow up their main resources and plants that make the nuclear weapons, with that being uranium and plutonium, we disable their ability to even consider a nuclear attack on anyone an option because we have destroid their source of even making the weapons.

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