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RSS BrontoLite

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0 points

Just staight in with the lunatic conspiracy theories about liberals. What a goddamned idiot you are, pal. You are an absolute idiot and, as an adult, you have no excuse for it.

All of that, and you didn't make even one logical point. Congratulations on the lack of points. Would you like a shit sandwich as a reward, or do you consider wasting all day debating internet trolls who humiliate you and playing Skyrim an adult accomplishment? Do tell.

0 points

Seriously ill people aren't usually found wandering the streets.

Never heard of San Fransisco, the leftist hellhole, I mean paradise, eh Nom?

0 points

Only 0.5 percent of the American population is infected.

Well there goes your Trumpian killer virus claim. Good job. Excellent work.

1 point

the libs are faking numbers high

Right. Absurd conspiracy theory with zero supporting evidence number one.

Sure there is. The more left the area is, the more cases it has while the rest of the country seems unphased or touched. Are you claiming God did it, or are you conceding that there's no explanation for the libs getting creamed other than either they are faking deaths, which there's fully evidence of

or they are unsanitary animals.

You pick.

1 point

and haven't met one single sickly person of any kind. Why?

What do you mean, why?

I mean your killer virus either only likes libs, or leftists are unsanitary and can't keep their mitts off of each other. It's not our fault the left doesn't wash its hands or know what soap is, now is it burrito the bald?

1 point

That explains why you're such a stupid, immature dick.

You're a man in his 40s ranting on youtube against a being you believe doesn't exist while playing video games created for kids.

0 points

Gotta love the Jew hating, veteran disrespecting, white privileged lefty, eh Con? Don't worry. They'll put you in the gulags last...

0 points

A) You're not a lib.

B) You're not a Jew.

C) You're not a wounded war veteran.

Sniff sniff. Adolf? Is that you?

3 points

China LIED

Cool. Now tell left wing media to get their nose out of China's ass.

1 point

are right wing governors LYING

I live in the most Conservative area in the country and haven't met one single sickly person of any kind. Why? Well, the libs are faking numbers high, or the virus is just magically hungry for libs. You pick which you believe.

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Winning Position: Unresolved

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