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RSS BrontoLite

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You've got it all wrong Con. I'll gladly give you what's in my pocket. Put your hand out and come just a little closer. You know you want to.

Pssst Con. Can you afford to pay for your neighbor's bills? If yes, then why don't you? If no, how can you afford anyone else's? And if you can't and/or won't, what makes you think I can or will? The government would get it from a bunch of people like you and me, so just asking questions. Do tell Con. Do tell.

1 point


I don't know Con. What do you mean by "RIP USA"? Injecting foreign cultures by the tens of millions isn't "RIP USA" to you. Jihadi attacks aren't "RIP USA" to you. And 80% plus of Republicans live in Bumfuk and have been pushed out of Hollywood, the WHO, the CDC, the universities, and off of social media. What does "RIP USA" mean? Does it mean the narrative of orange man being evil for having some documents at his house just died? Do tell.

1 point

‘Enemies of democracy’

Yes, yes. Everything and everyone is an enemy of democracy. I noticed that every media outlet and their dog said Elon Musk was a "threat to democracy" even before he'd actually done anything with Twitter, and so far, all he has done is open up free speech. They're calling free speech a threat to democracy as they do FBI raids on Presidents, shut down businesses for years by force, have agents on the inside of Twitter, and pander to China. Something is a threat to democracy, and you'll have to excuse me Con. I highly doubt it was these 3,000 people...

Hey Con, check it out. It's not scripted or anything! No, no, no, no script here. The blatant overuse of the term"threat to democracy" is completely organic... Naaaaaaah. They aren't trying to program the minds of the plebs. Not at all... Heck, looks like everything from breathing to combing your ass hair is a threat to Democracy, eh Con?

1 point

Look.. I know your cult tells you that Trump is as pure as the driven snow

No one says this.

so I'm not gonna try to talk you out of it.. But, I WILL point it out.

You gonna point this out or do a debate on it Con? I didn't think so...

How about this one? No?

How about this one? No again? Well dang Con. I thought Biden would be treated like Trump would. No huh? fbi-interference-in-the-2020-election/

If Trump had done half of what these people have done, he'd be doing life in prison, and the media would have obliterated him beyond comprehension.

Biden is controlled by the Communist Party. Not according to me, but according to the Chinese Communist Party and his son's emails. Everything they claimed about Trump without a shred of evidence is provably true about Biden with tons of evidence, only 100 times worse than anything Trump was accused of. Who's in the cult Con? You don't have to convince me. You just have to convince yourself. If they had this same info on Trump, I'd turn my back on him and call him a traitor. Can you do the same thing? That is the question, eh Con?

1 point

When Biden steals state secrets and hides them in his desk at home, he'll get treated just like Trump.

The same media that hid the Hunter Biden story for over a year, eh Con? Joe Biden will never for even one day of his life be treated like Donald Trump even if China is on video saying he's in their pocket...

1 point

Don't need legs to work a firearm or be a marksman. And on that note, don't enter the home of someone who is. They'll win. And at this point, years later, they'll never make it to the house. I've made sure of that. They won't make it past the fence much less to the open field. And if they somehow did by pure luck, they wouldn't make it across the field. And if somehow they were to catch lightning in a bottle twice, either the dogs will kill them, or they might grab a door knob that wouldn't be advised to grab. I'd tell you more specifics, but some things may or may not be legal. Nevertheless, no cops will be involved for anyone to have to decide. Let's call it the law of the jungle. If someone hypothetically wandered onto a large, hypothetical piece of property and hypothetically disappeared, I have no idea what you're talking about. I mean, sometimes people just vanish, and the community never knows why. In this hypothetical situation, the community wouldn't care even if they did know why. The hills have eyes they say because they do.

0 points

Are you saying children should fear transpeople ? If so, why ?

Children should fear everyone because they are small and cannot defend themselves. The left calls things phobic, not me. I don't fear these people. Seeing you call it a phobia, I assume you think I should be afraid of them. Otherwise you'd use a different word.

2 points

Yes, we should use the term sometimes. That way transgender men and non-binary people are not excluded. We can still use the term woman.

I'm sorry, I don't practice your religion, so I can do whatever I want. It's like magic. In fact it is magic. I'm a wizard, and you are to address me as such. Sir Wizard from now on.

1 point

The problem Bronto

Blindly throwing darts in the dark hoping to hit me, eh Nom? Sometimes you hit. Mostly you miss. You're at about a 25% hit rate. Congrats on that.

The problem Bronto

The problem is that we have a guy who could easily make money online with little to no effort telling us the system needs to get involved so he can have some of the pie he didn't work for. Hell, you can play video games online for money. You can go on Tik Tok and make money just sitting there in a box doing nothing. You aren't smart enough to do that. That is a big problem, but only for you and not for me. I've made a killing. Toodles.

1 point

Kim Jon un wrote some love letters to Trump. Trump has 'em. WHO do they belong to?

No telling, but I know this much. Bankman-Fried stole a whole lot of money from Democrat voters. That money belonged to them. Still waiting for the Democrats to lay even a single finger on him. The left wing outrage on property seems to only swing one way, eh Con?

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