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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

What should I take from Florida doing better on Covid than New York?

That lockdowns just slowed down the inevitable and that viruses aren't slowed down by anything that isn't a 100% quarantine? Ya know, science?

That God hates libs??

Be careful what you wish for, eh Con? Perhaps He will spare you from an afterlife of being treated by your own leftist standards. I'll wish that for you. Sound nice?

2 points

Is YOUR response to bongo boy

Bongo boy is a fringe nutjob. Those attacking Tim Scott are the media and Democrat politicians in power. Care to address the question, or was the dodge the best play you could find, thus you'll be sticking with the deflection to bongo boy rather than answering the question?

1 point

now we know why leftists want DC to become a state

Hello T,

And now we know why right wingers don’t.


Oklahoma City has as many people as D.C. and is full of Natives. I'll assume you support us becoming a state with quadruple the electors as reparations for the Trail of Tears, eh Con?

1 point

It IS crazy, but, it WILL upset the applecart. Hopefully, all the ROTTON apples will fall out and land at his feet ... in the GRAY HOUSE! ;-)

Open up your raincoat Al. It'll totally be worth it...

1 point

You presume them innocent long after their guilt has been firmly established by the facts. You ignored two separate autopsy reports and testimony from a lung expert last week, and concluded arbitrarily that George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose.

Hmmm. Seeing which city it happened in, the cop was a leftist. Ah yes. Another black man shot in the white liberals' paradise that everyone is fleeing from. Can't wait until these halfwitted toddlers run everything...

1 point

This is pretty simple. When PRIVATE parties and family members buy and sell guns to each other, they don't go through a back ground check..

Kind of makes the cops play a little more honest, the thought that just because the black suspect doesn't have a gun registered to him on file, he still might have one, Eh Con?

Gun owners LOVE that..

Conjecture. So you prefer that the oppressive cops get fire power while minorities should be disarmed. Makes sense...

1 point

It's called a taser.. They carry 'em for a reason.. Nobody had to die.

Cool. I'm certain that a taze shot would hit and stop a woman before she could stab a person in her face. Did you taze the Viet Cong because no one had to die? Do tell. I'm just dying to know..

1 point

Yeah, it's a tough job.. But, you can get RICH ripping off drug dealers, or anybody else for that matter

Yes, yes. We are familiar with the practices of woke, racist cops working for Communist mayors in blue cities.

1 point

It's true. Everything I needed to know, I learned on an acid trip.

Now, now Con. Even the retardedest of retards doesn't forget what having a penis means while on acid. That is, unless you live in a woke region of America. Then you claim it's a tentacle and that you are squid who just so happens to actually be a walking dick with ears.

3 points

Gimme ONE motherfucking positive aspect of Nazism??

You can lock down businesses for a year, force people to triple mask, arrest surfers, enforce curfews, censor speech, censor books, and use the media to spread your brainless ideology while protecting the state by dressing in black, wearing masks and burning down cities?

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