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RSS BrontoLite

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

What does it mean when your last 32 posts in a row began with "Excon"?

That you're the only lefty left to address because most realize that ship about to sink, eh Con? What happend to Al, Mint and Nom? I was hoping to debate them on anything related to Hiden Biden or the nuclear aftermath of what used to be the Democratic Party. It appears it is not to be...

2 points

and in both cases they r forcing life into an existence of suffering

Ah yes, the old "I can kill babies if I'd be a crappy mom" argument. Cool. By that logic, I can pretty much kill almost anyone I see and justify it by pointing out their crappy childhood... Well, your life sucks, and your mom sucked, so here, have a knife in the eye because well, reasons. Oh well. As long as you feel libby about killing others, you'll be fine. Let me call upon the libby god. Oh, you're good. It says killing others is fine just so long as their mom sucks or you predict their mom will suck. Nevermind me...

1 point

anything is easy to argue against when you use a plethora of fallacies

Bounced right over whether you'd kill a premature baby on a table out of the womb with a hammer, eh Jace?

1 point

Because we aren't the left

True, but I am Batman. In fact, I'm Batman twice.

1 point

Hold on Con. Come back here. One more thing. I had a clever retort on that debate:

BRONTO: "Just think, the libs labeled Joseph McCarthy paranoid and fake news for 50 years. Now the reds are bragging out in broad daylight about being reds."

1 point

So, you don't think I'd be interested in WHERE you saw those filthy commies?

In the debate with all the links and videos of the Twitter Exec bragging that Twitter is full of Communists, eh Con? execbragsthatTwitterisCommieasf_k

1 point

If she can choose to abort baby, I can choose to abort paying child support

My paycheck my choice? Heck, I'm pro choice now on taxes, eh Trash?

1 point

Of course they want third world Democrat voters. They're typically way easier to trick due to low education levels and lack of familiarity with American media tactics.The faucet is doing exactly what the left wants. Import as many 3rd worlders as possible just so long as they aren't Cubans who know the difference. If they were about helping poor, brown people, they would be pouring Cubans in like milk in a bowl. They aren't. Once Hispanics catch on, and many are, the left will finish Trump's wall themselves. That's why they haven't torn it down. They may need it later.

2 points

Is this government's vandalism a wilful Democrat/woke attempt to wreck America?

Saw another debate where Twitter is full of openly Communist people. The Communists want to burn it down and make it the old USSR or China. You do the math. Where's Nom at? I need someone to tell us the Communist plan to burn it down to rebuild from the ashes. Everything that has ever grown out of it before turned out to be totalitarian, a bloodbath of its own populace, and bread lines. Aren't you excited?

1 point

Modern left believes answer to past racism is current racism to balance it out

Their new argument is that only whites can be racist seeing they are a privileged somethin somethin. Similar to Adolf Hitler's argument against the Jews. Interesting tactic if you think about it. Say 70% of your country (whites) can't talk, half of the voters can't talk (Republicans), and that only whites can speak on behalf of blacks to make up for their privilege, and that leaves only the people in DC being able to talk.

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