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2 points

I dunno.. Seems like somebody said that army's who LOST their war

The U.S. can't lose a war to anyone other than perhaps China. If a U.S. government decided to wipe Afghanistan off the map with no regards for collateral damage, there'd be a hole where Afghanistan used to be.

don't get to dictate how they retreat.

Removing your troops by edict after the last President had them fully under control isn't a retreat. It's stupidity. Putting the U.S. military in place long enough to evacuate Americans is common sense. Your boy has none. He thinks you do this, and that it makes pefect sense:

1)Remove your military force

2)Watch Americans scramble to evacuate and/or find safety.

3)Say oh well. They're dead.

4)Pretend like you removing the U.S. military forces isn't why the American civilians are dead.

They get splattered all over the battlefield.. And, that's what happened..

Biden removed their military defenses prior to them fleeing the country. They got killed by a military force far inferior to the American military. Biden left them to die, and you will cheer it on or ignore it because you are a tribalist first. Human last.

But let's cut the crap Con. If Biden had an R beside his name, you'd be going berserk right now, right here. But he has the D, so you are unable to give a normal, human response to his Bushian approach to being the tail and not the head of the jackass.

2 points

If there were no straw men, could right wingers ask questions??

I ask them all of the time Con. You usually ignore, dodge, deflect, or run. But I,ll give the question a go. If men can compete in women's sports, they might as well just have sports and pick the best humans regardless of gender, which would end with just men competing.

1 point

Why doesn't using the most powerful military in the world get us the outcome we want?

It gets the establishment exactly what they want. Conflict which sells weapons, which equals kickbacks from the military weapons industry. That's why Trump had to be gotten rid of by any means necessary. Now the morons the left whines about constantly are back in charge coddling the pharmaceutical and weapons industries. Glad you elected them back into power, eh Con? Now we get to blow up brown kids again for profit...

2 points

Who's in charge of the U.S.A? Sleepy Joe or his minders?

It appears to be neither one. That is assuming his minders doesn't include a band of lab monkeys... If his minders are a band of lab monkeys, then what we see clearly makes sense. Monkeys would definitely run things this way.

1 point

Police Officers sue Trump

With zero evidence. In fact I've seen the evidence. The left provides you a one hour gish gallup video of Trump never saying to attack anything or be violent. In fact he even tells them to be peaceful multiple times.

and far right

There is no group called "far right" to sue in the first place.

alleging Capitol attack was terrorism, WAS IT?

If it was, the left committed terrorism for 4 years under Trump. Attacking a federal courthouse and taking over city blocks with weapons seems a little bit more terroristic than a band of unarmed grandmas walking single file into a building where security waved them in.

1 point

Was the $90 billion our politicians spent training the Afghan army money well spent?

Nothing the government spends money on is money well spent. I'll give you an example.

A friend of mines' son worked at Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams would sell a little old lady a gallon of paint for $15. The Ammunition Plant in Mcalister, Oklahoma would order 100 gallons of the exact same paint for $50 a gallon.

Did they negotiate the price because they were buying in large bulk? Nope. Did they check to see what the average person spent per gallon? Nope. Did they spend thousands of dollars needlesly? Yep. Did our taxes pay for it? Yep.

And these are the same geniuses preaching to you about economics...

1 point

it literally isn't. hey look. your own reference agrees: directed against a person rather than the position

Which is literally what you did there genius.

I'll slow it down to retard mode for you.

YOU: "a personal attack ain't the same thing as ad hominem, dipshit"

THE DICTIONARY: "directed against a person"

1 point

I LOVE Rachael Maddow AND, she's gay.. I LOVE Rachael Maddow BECAUSE she's gay.

I love Dave Rubin, Peter Thiel, and Milo Yianopolous, who are all gay, but not BECAUSE they are gay. I love them because they tell the Democrats to stick it where the sun don't shine, and because they are human.

You don't love them, even though they are gay, because they don't agree with your Communist party on pretty much anything. In fact they think the Democrats in power are raging hypocrite elitists who make rules for you but not for themselves.

Here are videos of them, which you won't watch, because you don't actually love anyone BECAUSE they are gay. You love people who agree with your politics.

-Peter Thiel at the Republican Convention

-Dave Rubin and his husband talking about how great Trump was to them.

-Milo vs never Trumper

1 point

When government oversteps its bounds, I'm right there.

Cool. Your government bankrupted a high percentage of the stores not owned by the 1% by closing them and leaving the billionaires open. And then they demonized anyone who didn't wear masks while they didn't wear them and even went to family gatherings after saying no one else could. You did nothing. You said nothing.

1 point

a personal attack ain't the same thing as ad hominem, dipshit.

It literally is. Hey look. The dictionary agrees.

of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

"vicious ad hominem attacks"



in a way that is directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

"these points come from some of our best information sources, who realize they'll be attacked ad hominem"

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