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1 point

Journalists can only examine facts to help informed decision making

That's not the only thing they can do, eh Cotton? They can censor, use propaganda, lie, demonize doctors and/or scientists, make up stories, libel, slander. Hell, they can do a hundred things other than "examine facts to help informed decision making"...

This is the same media that censored the inventor of most vaccines including the flu vaccine. Only one reason that happens. Big pharma owns your media, and the inventor was in the way of those big boy checks... "Journalists", who clearly aren't Biologists, are telling us the inventor of mRna vaccines is spreading "unfounded claims". Unfounded claims? The guy knows more about vaccines than anyone on Earth. Probably why he risked his reputation and being slandered to speak out. But, big pharma and it's big pharma media wins again. Chalk it up to clever billionaires to convince the poor to give them their last dime...

Ah yes. These are the same types of people who convinced slaves in the 1800s that they weren't actually slaves. Oh well. They stamped a "D" on it for Democrat, so it gets to pass... But these people are anything but liberal. They're allegiance is to no one. Sleep well...

1 point

What fact are you suggesting CNN didn't report?

Well, ya see Con. Imagine if some "far right nutjob" had Swastikas in the background, but the media edited them out to protect their master from himself... You call that journalism? I didn't think so.

As for the edit, let's add some context. This is the same media that made up COVID numbers, censored the Hunter Biden stories, and told us Russia collusion was bs behind the scenes while telling us it was real on camera. Same media, eh Con? When your media is that dishonest, there's really no point in considering anything they say as real, truthful, unbiased, fact based, not propaganda...

In fact, I haven't believed a word they've said in decades and have been provably and objectively right to have done so probably over 90% of the time. Once you actually see the media is just a commercial enterprise run by the multi billion dollar corporations, everything they say floats right into your brain and then right out of your brain. When the media goes after someone, it means they see that someone as a threat to their pocket book.

•Pro vaccine stories? Big pharma wants that money grab.

•Anti wall stories? Billionaires need cheap labor.

Hey look, it's a video of me. Oh wait. That's Trump. Wa, wa, wait. No. That's Bernie Sanders before being bought off and tasting the fruits of Capitalism. I couldn't tell the difference. My mistake... Amazing isn't it? Good ol Bernie telling us in 2007 that any politician who would allow illegals and guest workers to flood the country has been corrupted by big money interests. Why? To drive down wages and for cheap labor for the billionaires. That's strange. Seeing the Democrats' current immigration philosophy, the billionaires own them fully. According to 2007.... Bernie Sanders...

•Censorship of stories? That story would be troublesome to a billionaire's pocket book somewhere.

The media, which is owned and run by the ultra rich, has no wing. It simply plays to whatever it must to silence opposition or whistle blowers. The media will turn on the left in a heartbeat if it thinks the right is where the money is. For the time being, they believe the money is on the left. They once thought the money was in playing to Christianity, white people and men. Guess what media and TV looked like back then. Not very woke or politically correct, eh Con?

Oh well. It's okay Con. You preached against the billionaires for years, but they're billionaires because they're pretty crafty. They figured out in modern times that if you put a "D" on any work of any kind, it'll pass right through, and their media will get it fully across the finish line. And if anyone gets in their way, all they have to do is put an "R" next to that person, and that person goes away or is destroyed, and the media will play right along as well. This would be why the liberals who stand up against them get labeled "right wing". Bill Maher's right wing? Tulsi Gabbard is right wing? Joe Manchin is right wing? See the game they play Con? They've created an "other" so that they get their way and become richer in every situation. Pretty good scam, eh Con? Imagine it Con. You say something out of liberal principle one day, and the media calls people like you, well... Me...

2 points

Why do we have to endure this pepetual farce of the F.B.I., vs Donald Trump?

There are 2 groups in America controlling things and circling around each other. The establishment and the Communists. The establishment has gotten rich via the Commies and think they can keep them under control nonetheless. They sold out America for money. Can they control the beast they let loose? No.

Answer #1: The establishment hates Trump. He took away their global cash cow, also known as corruption, globalism, etc. It's how the mega corporations get cheap slave labor and avoid regional tax codes.

Answer #2: Your institutions are a mixture of the establishment and Communists. Communists need the establishment to hang itself with the globalist rope. Trump is in the way of that.

Summary: What you are seeing is an establishment hell bent on protecting itself at any and all costs, thrashing about trying to protect it's bs reputation and still skirt the line trying to continue to inrich itself as individuals. America be damned.

We also have a Communist alliance that buys information from these people, gets access to our institutions via payoffs, and makes trillions making our products at foreign factories rather than here. While the establishment scrambles to stay rich, in power, and reputable, the Reds are slowly burning America down foreignly and domestically from within. The establishment can't control them and gets payoffs to stand down.

Donald Trump is a problem for both groups. He went after foreign spies in our institutions and caught many. That hit both groups' pocket books. He attacks the media nonstop. That hits their shield and ability to control information and the narrative. He stopped NAFTA and the TPP. He challenged the WHO, which is run by Communists. From these two groups' perspective, Trump has got to go, and he's gotta go now.

America is for sell to the highest bidder, which is the CCP. The CCP is holding many American politicians hostage with bribes and lobbyists. I wouldn't be surprised if there are politicians who know that if they don't fall in line, the CCP Mafia will come to their homes. They may be at a breaking point where their only out is to attack China militarily. You can't be blackmailed or threatened by the bully if you kill the blackmailer/bully. All debts paid if you kill the one you owe the debt to.

1 point

Didn’t we execute Jules and Ethel Rosenberg for stealing state secrets too?

Those days are gone Con. Nowadays, you can destroy devices with hammers, have an illegal server to bypass FOIA, and all you gotta say is, "I had no intent". I will literally spew out my drink if it comes down to it and Trump says, "I had no intent". I will cry tears from laughter. I will roll on the ground. I will meme it and spread it on Facebook like a gay guy with Monkeypox. Eh Con?

2 points

Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''.

For now. No tyrannical leftist government hasn't wound up mass killing their own. There's a reason China, Russia, and now America have to censor dissent. If the populace ever sees what they do in secret, they'd be drug from their estates and killed in the streets. Ask Romanian Communist Party General Secretary, Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife, Elena Ceausescu. Once your genocides are uncovered by the populace, you're next.

1 point

Yes, but unless it's another populous candidate, you'd simply be re-electing the establishment, which would be no better than Biden or Bush or Obama or Hillary etc. But in reality, if you just wanna play Republicans win vs Democrats win, yes, Republicans virtually have no chance of losing. The polls have the Democrats beneath the gutter.

Of course if you do get a populous candidate in there, the billionaire class and their media slaves will destroy him next after they're done with Trump. This country is the same as all countries. It's run like the mafia by the ultra wealthy. They decide who the media programs you to love and who the media programs you to hate. They decide who will survive in politics and who will be crushed by politics. The 2 party system is just there to make you feel like you have a voice so you don't all join together and eat them first.

But, in theory, the left is making a calculated mistake if their single goal is to keep Republicans out of power. I think Trump is the only candidate they can beat via the hate orange man vote. Push him out, and they are almost assuredly guaranteed a loss. It would stir up the moderate Republicans behind a new candidate and anger the Trumplicans while having no orange hate vote to contest it with.

1 point

I was trying to figure out if this was about Trump or some former Democrat politician. Equal standards for all, eh Con? But I'll cut to the chase. The average American has none of the stuff in their brain that you and I have floating around in our brains. They see high prices and an FBI raid on a former President. The right is going to go full blast on "we don't want Fascism or a banana republic in America do we?". You know the drill.

As for me, $1.25 gas and half priced goods on the shelf in Okieville sounds pretty good right about now to my neighbors. I have enough emergency food that lasts 30 years locked away. I can eat until I die of old age without going to a place with empty shelves. I'll just sit back and watch from the bunker. You guys have fun. Tell me how it ends.

1 point

Did the former president of the United States, HAVE state secrets hidden in his basement?

Maybe, maybe not. But the Democrats have set a standard where that kind of thing is okay. Eh, Con?

2 points

Do you think the entire Democratic Party are communists?

It doesn't really matter now does it Con? The fact is, people we know are overt Communists are all over liberal universities, are the aides of Democrats and have sex with Democrats, eh Con? The appropriate wording here is "compromised" and "infiltrated" by Communists. The fact is, the Democratic party is at best the door Communists destroy America through and at worst, well, I'll bet you can guess what I probably think the worst case scenario is. I'll let you in on a little secret. I think it's closer to the worst scenario than the best scenario.

2 points

It's a controlled demolition of America by the Communists. Some are foreign. Some are domestic. Lenin said it himself: "we will sell the capitalists the rope with which we shall hang them". They know the establishment will sell America to the highest bidder. Globalism is a buzz word that simply means western nations' leaders protect multi billion dollar companies by allowing them to move to countries that will let them have slave labor and help them evade paying taxes to western countries. It's simply pay for play. Communists pay the western leaders. Western leaders sell America until there's nothing left to sell. China is simply waiting for the day that America can't afford to win a war. It may just be today. If it's not today, it will be very soon.

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