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10 most recent arguments.

You are, trolling.

Nut uh....

-2 points

Lying again, eh Nom?

A woman who had accused Donald Trump of raping her when she was a 13-year-old dropped her lawsuit against the Republican nominee on Friday. donald-trump-teenage-rape-accusations-lawsuit-dropped

The Fightin Aggie Band is still the best band on planet Earth

I'm going to stick the Aggie band up thine Aggie corn hole. Dost thou understandeth, thou Aggie swine?

Here ya go swine. Have some real eats from up North.



Look... Biden could have 100 complaining witness's

He does have many complaining witnesses...

But, I'm not a leftist, so I believe in innocent until proven guilty and don't support politically expedient, 30 year old claims well after the fact.

I think Tara Reade made her complaint years ago

Cool. When it was Brett Kavanaugh, and with less proof, you were hopping around in here like an angry jackrabbit on crack.

Yeah, right wingers aren't big on science..

Riiiight. That's why I've made thousands of scientific posts and watched the left reject them like moldy bread...

Look.. If you wanted to do a scientific study on whether Lysol kills you, you line up 100 people and inject them with some benign substance, and line up another 100 people and inject them with Lysol.. Then sit back, and see who dies.

Usually they try it on rats, then a more sophisticated creature, and now with right to try, you can use it on willing people, with consent as their time expires, assuming it has shown promise.

THIS is what the orange fuck wants to do..

Citation needed.

That sounds like forcing to me.

Seeing that parents can opt out of one or more vaccines for medical, religious, or personal reasons, it'd be the opposite of forcing.

Right wing Senator Ron Johnson had it right. He said we never should have closed down the economy in the first place.

Cool. Left wing Sweden agreed, did nothing, and has no pandemic issue. They say they've developed herd immunity.

All we’d lose is 3 or 4 million people. What’s the big deal?

You made your numbers up, but nevertheless, they said a few hundred thousand would die, and that accounted for a lockdown. The numbers are obviously far less.

And even better? They've done testing on autopsies showing America had this amongst the population well before anyone in America was talking about any virus.

My point? You were walking around for months happily, not seeing any killer phenomenon all around you. CNN convinced you to be afraid, so you are. Congrats on the fear. I'll be partaking on some Jack Daniels and hamburgers shortly.

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