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RSS BrontosGhost

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10 most recent arguments.

Literal headline-

Mexico ranks No. 4 on quality-of-life index

It's even stated in the link itself.

Australia is fourth. Mexico is fiftieth.

Oh no Nom. It says 4th and even praises Mexico as a wonderland of prosperity and happiness. I did read the article.

Let's start with headline literally word for word.

Mexico ranks No. 4 on quality-of-life index

Ah yes. Popularity. The same thing which enabled the Nazis to consolidate power.

And Obama and Clinton. Excellent logic.

Is virus convenient excuse for West to attack China before they get too strong

I highly doubt it seeing the west was suckling China's teet just prior to the virus.

So why don't you explain how many times left wing atheists have attacked another country or people for having a different religion?

I could list them and other autrocities, but there's not much reason for the effort seeing your post proved the OP's debate title correct by example.

Looks like the virus literally looks for leftists

YES BUDDY!!!! I knew I wasn't the only one who had noticed this

Excellent that you can see the obvious. I'll let you remove the helmet as a reward.

2nd DNC Media Talking Head gets the Corona

Looks like the virus literally looks for leftists, then attaches itself to them. Maybe it's the tasty smell of no showering or brushing of teeth for months on end. But, I'm not a virus, so I don't objectively know why it's hungry for libs.

Do you accept that the Earth is flat or not?

I don't think the Earth is anything but bits of 1s and 0s. What, you're anti science?

Humans in quarantine animals flourishing

If I were to go outside and see deer rather than most humans, I wouldn't complain.

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