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RSS BruthaLynch

Reward Points:9
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1 point

Nom is dumb

he drinks a lot of cum

he smears it on his face every time he's logged in, son

his cock is one inch long, and he likes cocks up in his buns

don't inhale his fumes, it's toxic in your lungs

he's eatin' mass quantities of beans releasin' gas

man is gassed up, man'll get beat and stabbed

stick a shiv in his ribs have em' leakin' fast while I tweak on hash

bitch I really do dem tings, come to my ends let's see who lasts

I tend to have bars, but I don't bar tend

man'll get shivved if we catch em' round' our ends

man'll get stuck with a rusty shiv, man'll get sent off to an E.R bed

1 point

Are you Mingiwuwu too?

Yes, and for the record I am also Bronto.

It would be too much of a coincidence to have two schizophrenic morons who both think they are secret chosen geniuses.

The normal always think the genius is a fool until his discoveries are fruitful in an obvious way to society.

he wrote complete and utter rubbish.

You recently claimed that Fascism predates the 19th century, a claim which you belligerently and unintelligently disputed against when we debated before.

You're insane.

You're an unsightly little feces nugget of which even the toilet bowl doth reject.

0 points

You were asked what the ultimate nature of reality is.

The ultimate nature of reality is something different from the nature of a mere simulation created by aliens. You are no better than Bronto when he espouses simulation theory then confuses it with an argument for something beyond physicality itself.

0 points

Retarded Nom, you are clearly ignoring the true central facet of all of this. I already answered your question of life predating the universe. If this is a sub-reality/simulation than life does predate this universe but if you are talking about the "ultimate nature of reality" then the idea of life predating reality itself is inherently stupid and would suggest that consciousness is fundamental to existence itself.

Tied Positions: Mathfan MF vs. factmachine FM

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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