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1 point

How does it not? It eliminates the conflict of interest that is between the capitalist and employee, or government and employee. They already exist and in fact work better than typical capitalist businesses on average. Here's an example:

If you're going to make a claim, at least try to verbally defend it, particularly on website designed for debating.

1 point

Very well said. I especially liked your point about how if we are in fact forced into capitalism at birth, then it is not an instrument of freedom. I find it very disturbing that this capitalist fellow thinks of life in such a narrow path of attaining money="winning". I suppose in a way you can't blame him. It is the world that has been setup around him and it is marketed as the pinnacle of existence under capitalism. He's just being a good dog. He probably was already in a position to succeed from the start, so he is probably ignorant to the systematic choke hold that people in poverty deal with. Of course, he thinks his success came entirely from his abilities/effort anyway though and that he is the "alpha dog" and he gets high as a kite from that idea. It targets a very primal part of the human mind. I find it unfortunate that humans have not been elevated past this primal function that is based in ego. All the money and possessions that he values so much won't mean a damn thing when he's dead tho. I never understood the fundamental "chase" of possessions. Are the rules "The person with the most stuff when they die wins"? Seems pretty fucking stupid to me.

1 point

You obviously don't know what socialism actually is. You're reciting the american definition which is twisted by propaganda. Socialism is not the government controlling the means of production. It's THE WORKERS controlling the means of production democratically.

1 point

Of course it does. That is the basis of propaganda. ///////////

1 point

When people are forsaken for profits, it's not a mystery why capitalism is unappealing. For example, The healthcare industry is inefficient and costly. People die just because they can't afford medicine or surgery when if we switched to a universal healthcare system, we would save money and raise life expectancy. Then when you think about the people that live paycheck to paycheck with little to no leisure spending, they're basically slaves. A good summary of slavery is "A portion of the population produces a surplus for a separate portion which they don't have control over". That is effectively what is happening in capitalism. Private prisons are a good example of the wrongness of capitalism. Prisons make money by having more prisoners which leads to exactly what the US is today. More prisoners per capita than any nation in history. They have to send a minimum amount of people to jail each year which means that people who don't deserve to go to jail, do anyway because it makes money. Another simple example is dirty energy. People will poison the planet, which will kill us all if we don't change it, for the sake of short term profit which obviously is incentiveized by capitalism. You leave the choice of poisioning the planet up to average everyday people, they won't do it unlike dirty capitalists. Then the fact that WAR is good for capitalism which is why the US is constantly at war. War can make a shit ton of money. We will literally go kill other people who are foreign to us for the sake of money. Civilians too not just "Militiants" or whatever the bullshit US is calling them

A lot of this really isn't a mystery. Capitalism works for a small portion of people. Propaganda has led people to believe otherwise. It fundamentally doesn't change the dynamic of the Lord and the serfs as seen in Fuedalism. Now you have the capitalist and the proletariat. In summary capitalism is fundamentally un-democratic and goes against actual freedom.

Socialism, as it is actually defined,(not the typical american definition of socialism) would fix a lot of the issues that capitalism has. When the workers actually control the means of production and democratically vote on how to run the business they work for, many of these issues will go away because people are not gonna vote against their interests, unlike how it works in capitalism where the executives do whatever makes them the most money and says "fuck you" to those that are negatively affected by their business decisions.

1 point

Okay where's your reliable unbiased proof? All you're doing is saying "Well if the news said it, it must be true." If I was your son, I'd be disappointed that my parent is so mindless. Also you would not be physically capable of beating my ass.

1 point

Okay 1st you saying that his opinion on a different topic somehow means he's wrong on this one is a logical fallacy. 2nd, You act like you've somehow got the upperhand in this argument even though you're arguing that it was not faked and have provided no evidence at all other than what the news has told you. I provided you with evidence that absolutely raises questions at least. So why don't you look over all these videos again and tell me how you can explain these bits of evidence.

How do you explain that she saw the shooter not shooting and heard gunshots coming from somewhere where he was not. How do you explain that she saw no one injured? Also how do you explain that she witnessed a mass shooting and is smiling in the same day

How do you explain why this girl is laughing when describing being present at the shooting?

How do you explain this girl saying she saw a teacher get shot in the arm and head but seems unphased?

How do you explain this horrible acting? Her daughter apparently died. She does not seem like a mother whose daughter just died.

How do you explain this dude apparently crying but having no tears and sounding and looking nothing like a person who is crying?

How do you explain that people who are discussing it and it's legitimacy are being told they can't discuss it and will possibly face arrest and misdemeanor charges?

This is actually incredible to me. One of the supposed survivors from the shooting was interviewed a lot and got lots of flak from the internet about him being a crisis actor. Here's one of the interviews he did for a news channel: Here's a video I just found with him that is pretty solid evidence that he is in fact an actor:

1 point

You haven't provided a single logical argument the whole time you've been here. And where the hell do you get this that I'm a child hating gun nut? I think we should have more gun control. All you do is make stupid false assumptions.

Brylos(70) Clarified
1 point

I can't tell who you are talking to. Are you talking to me or the other guy?

0 points

I really don't understand why the comments that are just rude and without logic and don't go anywhere beyond insults are upvoted. This is a debate website. You should be ashamed to even post this and whoever upvoted should be ashamed too. There is no logic in your statement and is nothing more than a schoolyard insult.

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