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RSS Buddym

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Buddym(35) Clarified
1 point

When use the word choice I am thinking of a conscious decisions. I apologize I am having trouble expaining further. A pure determinist would say you don't really choose where you put your keys. That is a deeper debate. This type of debate structure hardly seems conducive to flush that out. It could take awhile. I guess one way of thinking of it is you don't necessary choose how tall you are. But that is an obvious genetic trait. I suspect sexuality is similar but not quite the same as it involves different aspects of our chemistry. If you have any ideas as to how and define it let me know. I will consider should I debate the topic again.

1 point

Alright you could be more helpful in flushing things out. But this really is question on determinism. I figured the context was provided in the title. Sure it could be more concisely pinned down. I don't seems pretty clear. Maybe you're just trolling.

0 points

I've gone through all of that. I understand very much where you are coming from. I guess you would apply the parable of the seed being planted in swallow ground. At first it takes root and begins to grow. Then it dies because it can grow no more.

The truth is I seriously thought about all of it. Every spare moment was spent studying the word and contemplating it's meaning. Like you I spent a period of time in the early years preaching the end is near repent and be saved. Or face eternal damnation. I looked at it very black and white.

But over the years as I grow up that changed.

1 point

Usually that kind of illogical nonsense is on youtube or facebook. I had hoped not to find it here. It seems like there are quite a few nuts on this site.

0 points

I meant to say grew up with it. I don't go to church. Why would a non-christian go to church? Especially when I know what its about.

Another thing im noticing about you little psychos is you infer things that you can't logically infer.

1 point

Here choice is defined as the act of making one or more decisions when faced with two or more possibilities.

Buddym(35) Clarified
2 points

I am not a christian. But i group up with it. My whole family is. For their sake I hope it's true. It's not you say people are going to hell. It's that is one of your primary attacks. That and you say it as if you are glad.

I don't think your a christian. I think you are a self rightous fool who enjoys having people to piss on. You are a psychopath at best. I've been on this site for less than two days. So far I have encountered a few of you little psychos claiming to be christians. Really you all are wolves in sheeps clothing. Breaking people down turning them away from the word.

The truly sad thing would be is if you happen to be over 30 years of age and still carry on like this. Christian or not it doesn't mean you can't be civil.

Buddym(35) Clarified
1 point

Nobody interrupted the discussion. Most likely the only thing I interrupted was you trolling someone else.

Buddym(35) Clarified
1 point

How was the topic productive in the first place? This is a debate site. Ideas are discussed and criticism is exchanged. If thats to much for you than go back to call of duty.

Buddym(35) Clarified
1 point

You have a strange way of acknowledging you were wrong. Don't be so prideful.

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Winning Position: When passing by a stranger a narrow walkway should do so with ass or crotch?

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