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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Don't you think innocence or guilt is not the point here? George Floyd could have been guilty to the bone - that's not a reason to be killed, it's a reason to go to jail. That's how it works in a rule of law.

And an even better question is why did Amy Klobachur and Democrats let the officer off of 18 prior complaints, and why did Democrats vote for her?

1 point

Thugs = rioters ... patriots = protesters. Trump (and his followers) don't seem to be able to separate the two. It IS difficult, but, in a democracy, it must be done

Nobody sane will ever find it heroic that protestors blocked a fire truck from getting to a burning building where a child burned alive inside or that they burned down a black man's business or that they attacked and viciously beat an elderly couple trying to defend their business. They'll remember sick maniacs demanding everyone be locked in their homes, then ignoring social distancing in mobs, and in mobs that burned down businesses that belonged to minorities and all after calling protesters selfish people for peacefully protesting a couple of weeks prior in small groups.

1 point

IF the black folk should prevail in Trumps war

Black Republicans will prevail in any war due to being patriots who refused to be slaves to the white Democrats running all of these giant white Democrat cities..

doncha think they'll call these riots PATRIOTIC?? Won't these rioters be HERO'S??

Nobody sane will ever find it heroic that protestors blocked a fire truck from getting to a burning building where a child burned alive inside.

1 point

and who sees ONLY his side of a "debate"

The left censors Conservatives on Social media, uses cancel culture, and goes bananas if it loses an election, and you think we need to see your side of the debate? STFU you lying hypocrite.

1 point

I just want someone who is more competent than idiotic.

Then the Democratic Party debates must have made your skin crawl, and it must be hard for you to do all you can to ignore the pre-virus economic numbers.

1 point

It's going to be a contest between who is better at being most least competent in running our country.

Why don't you just admit the truth. Out of Biden and Trump, you know exactly who can get unemployment to 3.5% and a 30,000 DOW. It isn't Joe Biden, now is it?

1 point

Ignoring the topic means you fear debating it, or are too stupid to debate it. Probably both and certainly is why you are a leftist who yearns for someone smart to tell you how to live your life because you never grew into adulthood, which is why you play games created for children all day.

1 point

You dodged being called out, and now will not condemn an article doing exactly what you called your opponent out for with indignation. So condemn the article, or video yourself eating a live crow and post it here.

-1 points

Insulting our allies

Obama insulted Israel every time he got the chance.

and "falling in love" with our enemies

Obama lifted sanctions on Iran, then kissed their feet.

So what's your point? That you only have standards if you can apply them to someone other than yourself?

1 point

26 Women claiming sexual abuse should be 26,000 nails

So no innocence until proven guilty, which is tyranny, and you just condemned Biden, who you plan to vote for, thou hypocrite. Good job at being a typical leftist who's principles move around like a tornado full of leaves.

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