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RSS Burnum

Reward Points:16
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

is this a joke? xD

1 point

well i prefer the uk version, i'm not saying the american one is bad. i guess this is just the wrong debate anyway

0 points

the original UK version is far far better, smarter humour, more believable characters and overall just funnier.

watching the us version is, for me, painful.

0 points

haha oh please, i enjoy gaming and all that but seriously, a profession? now that's just sad.

like i said, i love playing games but how would that even work? yeah instead of watching the hockey match this sunday i'll watch a couple of guys sitting in front of computers.


1 point

if they come up with the technology then yeah

1 point

so yes big bang theory for me

2 points

big bang = heaps of evidence and makes sense when you think about it

God's creation = a book and pure faith.

although sometimes i think there must be some sort of god i do believe in the big bang theory

1 point

it's better to go to a normal school, meet people, and all that,

0 points

definitely north korea, cant trust those bastards for a second

1 point

immoral? uh no don't know what you mean but i reckon it's fine, otherwise we wouldnt even be here.

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Country: New Zealand

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