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1 point

Lets have a national vote on whether or not to allow Gay Marriage, instead of this state-by-state nonsense. I use to believe it should be left up to the individual states, but something like this needs to be put to a national vote.

0 points

Do you know what would happen if certain religions got tax exemptions? OMG...I don't even want to think about it.

1 point

If you are born in the United States and raised in the country or was granted citizenship legally, you are an American.

I am happy to say that I am an American.

1 point

I'll admit, I do not support gay marriage. This does not mean I hate gays or think homosexuality is a sin. Marriage I feel should be between a man and a woman. In the U.S., this decision I believe should be voted on in a State by State fashion. It should be up to the individual state to allow gay-marriage. If in my state we voted on it and is passed, so be it. If I can re-call Arizona, Florida, and California had a vote on Gay Marriage, and I believe all three votes came out to be against gay marriage. California, who would have thought? I think when it comes to gay marriage this has a major "Bradley Effect".

As for the rest of the world, its up to the rest of the countries to decide whether or not to accept it.

1 point

First off, obviously you didn't read my argument very well. What I said was that China has a very SIMILAR system and it is pr oven that for every one murder in China, twenty occur in the U.S., you make of that what you will.

Granted, some people are wrongfully imprisoned and it is ashame, but this why we have appeals court and court examinations,etc. Also please do not believe that executing someone is more expensive that just keeping them in jail. This is a tactic used by various religious groups and politicians who oppose the death penalty. Texas and I believe Arizona still have the death penalty and still allow death by firing squad. Now I'll believe lethal injection is more expensive than one or two bullets.

Your also making it sound like the majority of our criminals in prison are innocent, which most are not. People that I am talking about that should be executed are the ones that murder or molest children. Rape innocent women and kill for no good reason. And Murder people in gang violence,etc. You telling me that if a man killed a child and he was pr oven guilty and there was no doubt he was guilty, you wouldn't want him executed? Oh, I forgot, you want him in a rehabilitation center receiving treatment. Let me tell you something, than person just killed someones baby, lets think about that. Lets think about the man who rapes a woman, that woman will most likely be mentally traumatized for a long time if not the rest of her life. I am tired of people blaming it on drugs and mental sickness. Granted there are those who do have illnesses, but these excuses are being too abused by not just the criminals, but by lawyers looking to make a buck.

Refereeing to Gangs. Let me tell you how gangs start and this comes for the mouth of a state trooper and an ex-crip who now works at a convenience store now. Behind almost every gang there are men and women who are older who recruit young people (teens) into gangs by promising them love, protection and a family. Which most of these youngsters never had. These young kids deal and murder for these older men and women. Heres where I have a problem, years ago a 16yr old kid in a city north of me shot at two policemen, the officers returned fire and killed the kid. Both police officers were suspended with out pay. WHY????? If we stop punishing our cops and let them protect themselves without fear of consequence, trust me, these youngsters won't be looking for a gang to find family and love. Maybe they will start going to the programs meant for kids like them, to help them achieve a better life.

We could go back and forth arguing over this point, but you have your opinions and I've got mine. Its just your point of view. I respect your opinion and I hope you can respect mine.

1 point

Absolutely it needs reform. I know the perfect way to lower the crime rate and keep our jailed population low. If a person is convicted of rape, murder in the 1st or 2nd degree, or child molestation, execute them immediately. China has almost the same method and for every one murder in China, TWENTY occur in the U.S. Most people in jail view jail has a home sweet home, 3 hot meals a day, a bed to sleep in.

If we start executing these people and stop playing games such as; is this moral or immoral, but thats a human being too, this is not American,etc.

-Trust me, people will start to re-think whether or not the crime is worth it.

2 points

Last night was a huge defeat for the Republicans and a huge gain and victory for the Democrats. Once said to be dominant red states now are blue. Is this the beginning of the end for Republicans. Is this another Federalist party that once was in power for so long, but then fell apart and never recovered? OR will Republicans re-strengthen and gain back the white house and majority in Congress.

- I personally believe the Republicans will gain back power in perhaps 2016. The Dems by then, will probably have done something to upset the American people. But there is a chance that the Democrats will prevail and make America what it once was. If this happens it might mean, us Republicans are out of business.

1 point

McCain: 274 Obama:264

3 points

This issue is Irrelevant for the election, unless talking about Immigration laws and OBAMA wants to use this, but this question should not influence voters either way and if it does, OMG.

2 points

McCain still has a chance at winning. Like I've stated in past arguments polls cannot give a sure win. You never know what could happen in the next 48 hours and McCain is probably closer in the polls than many predict. This election may also be another "Bradly", because you never know what people are going to do in the privacy of the voting booth. Barack Obama does not have a definite win until every vote has been counted after November 4, 2008 and he hits that magical 270.

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