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1 point

Well, right now it doesn't worry me. However, the possibility of eventually loosing race groups, or for example, people with blue or green eyes or blond or red hair or very dark (truly black) skin, does concern me.

I realise that this probably won't happen for a long time but with globalisation and "equalisation", etc, it could probably happen to some extent sooner than you think!

1 point

Well, by your argument, WHITES CAN STILL BE RACIST TOWARDS OTHER WHITES, right? For example they might treat blacks in inferior positions better or "more fairly" than they treat other whites.

And some whites do just that in my experience. For example, a white professor once admitted to me that he gave a black student (that he believed, based on his color, to be from a different background to me) a second chance that he would not give me because I was white. The other student and I were in the absolutely identical situation.

I think that this thinking is very common in modern, western, ultra-liberal culture.

2 points

Why, it is just a color, we all bleed red.

I think you know that he meant this metaphorically! As in the traits we share far outnumber those we do not.

As you say, Color is incidental today, a "black" african-american is probably equally likely to share ancestry with a "white" German as with a Kenyan.

2 points

How does hating racists help anything?

Do you think you're going to change their view by hating them?

Maybe rather try to understand them (which is difficult to do while hating)... that doesn't mean you have to agree with them, but will make it more likely that you can form an argument/interaction that might change things.

1 point

While I certainly do not consider myself a racist, I do consider myself a scientist. And I therefore feel the need to dispute certain incorrect facts in Mecca's argument.

While humans did originate in what is today sub-Saharan Africa (well actually right on the boarder between North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa), do remember that at various times in man-kind's history the Sahara was located differently, or was not a desert at all.

Also, it is very widely accepted that sub-Saharan Africans moved south (and west) early on, more than 120 000 years ago. The rest of the world was populated less than about 50 000 years ago. This general idea is supported by archeology and genetics (easy to look up yourself).

Remember that modern civilization originated on the Mediterranean. It started in Egypt and moved slowly anti-clockwise around the med. From this and most other perspectives, Egypt is part of the middle-east & Europe rather than Africa. And certainly not part of sub-Saharan Africa.

Genetics also supports this fact in that a German, British or French person is far more likely to be genetically related to the mummified ancient Egyptian pharaohs than is an African (even a modern day Egyptian). Of course an African-American person is more likely to be related to the ancient Egyptians via their mixed (partially European) ancestry.

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