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1 point

and they've been keeping up on the story ever since.

And well after the story originally broke. Their covering it now is them admitting they overtly lied to you when they slimed anyone involved with revealing the laptop and emails and called it "Russian disinformation". Remember that the next time you hear the media use that term. It means they're getting ready to lie to you, again.

1 point

It was CNN

A year after the story broke, and they called it Russian disinformation. In fact they are being sued for defamation by the guy who broke the story in the first place. That's how late to the party they were and how much they slandered anyone who had anything to do with revealing the emails.

1 point

Don't think you're comparing like with like.

Being pregnant or having an abortion doesn't have the potential of infecting countless other people with a deadly virus.

More people have died being aborted than died from Covid 19. It is comparing like with like, except that abortion has killed way more people. My body my choice on vaccines has no guarantee that anyone dies around me. My body my choice, let's get an abortion has a 100% chance of killing someone.

1 point

I don’t really think conservatives wanna be fair - they don’t want to talk about sex with kids

No, we don't want you to talk about sex with our kids. No one ever talked to me about sex as a kid, and yet I still lived and figured it out on my own. You didn't? I mean damn, porn is all over the internet for anyone who's confused.

1 point

BUT, if it’s illegal then the conservatives have an obligation to make sex education and birth control readily available.

Why is person B required to protect person A's sex life? If cocaine is illegal, should you pay for my heroine? What are you talking about?

1 point


1 point

I can't follow your logic that a pregnant girl has more rights than a baby to the point that the baby can be killed because the mother has some imaginary right to kill someone that only exists because of her in the first place. Don't want a baby? Don't get pregnant. It's a pretty easy way to avoid murdering another human. Is closing your legs illegal? Is pulling out illegal? Did they ban condoms, hysterectomies, getting tubes tied, or celibacy, and I didn't notice?

1 point

It's just wonderful watching you advising us against things the left has done and cheered on for years now.

1 point

"When I was six years old, I wasn’t a ladykiller. I wasn’t gay or straight. I was six.

Why, then, do adults who knew me as a child insist that I was gay all along? How could they have known, when I myself didn’t know it until sometime during 2011, a full 13 years after I was born?"

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Tied Positions: White supremacy vs. Slavery

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