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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Bearing in mind that if you give this filth an inch they'll take a mile, do you have any ideas/suggestions, or are you a robot?

Just elect us and bow to us. Then your world can become peaceful again, but not before.

1 point

Be precise, to what extent are my achievements in life attributable to so called white privilege?

5%, 15%. 30%, 75%?


1 point

I thought right wingers LOVED the Constitution

It's an old, outdated document. It is time to progress into the next wave of cultural norms.

2 points

Philosophy has got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your arbitrary claim that "it is better to exploit humans than other species" you mentally ill bitch. Get help.

Why is it better to help a person rather than a small little, furry mouse?

1 point

This is why you should have a lot of kids. If you lose one, you still have a bunch left over

Why not just buy a pack of monkeys?

1 point

The slave descendants deserve to be given the spoils of the white man's ill-gotten gains by those who advocate such a policy.


Your privilege is so thick that you keep a white dildo under your car seat. You are too privileged to even consider a brown or black strap on device.

1 point

Does Europe owe Israel reparations for World War 2?

Hello Pork:

YES. Make the check out to ME.

excon, Jewish Prince

You can't be a Jew, and you know you can't be a Jew because there's no such thing as a Jew, as I have told you time and time again about being a Jew. Why would you want to be a person with monkey traits anyway?

1 point

If the people tear down a confederate monument, should the government put it back up?

Uh. No. And they shouldn't put back up Lincoln, Grant or the other white supremacists either. And definitely no Jewish statues, including Jesus.

-1 points

I dunno.. If you're UNABLE to make the argument yourself, you've already LOST.

I hope you aren't still broadcasting fakely that you are a Jew after we win the revolution. Jewishness is the aboration of poisoned, Capitalist minds.

1 point

You do not have the right to go to church. You do not have the right to spread your viruses to other healthy people.

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Tied Positions: White supremacy vs. Slavery
Tied Positions: The phoenix first must burn vs. From the ashes
Winning Position: From the ashes

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