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RSS Capitalist

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2 points

There is a planet just further of Pluto (from the sun) that still orbits our star but is considered a dwarf planet and not generally accepted as part of our solar system so there is absolutely no reason why Pluto should be.

1 point

I agree, examples include Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and Hilary Clinton (Given), this question was supposed to bring out the point of historical change not your naivety

1 point

Buddhism does not promise great happiness upon death but rather 'true finding' during one's life.

1 point

Saprophetic speaks words of wisdom here, your view however is extremely naive that all priests are paedophiles and perverts, in fact I have never even heard of a paedophilic priest except in films.

1 point

Any humour that you found in that comment was unintentional, it's just that is what a yorkie is?

1 point

Marriage is more of a social and cultural thing now than religious so the Bible is holding less and less weight in the argument. If homosexuals love one another as heterosexuals do, they shoould be able to celebrate their love for one another in a meaningful way.

Just because it isn't the norm, and it doesn't bode well for the human race does not mean it is wrong and homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry. In fact it is because it isn't the norm that it's ok. Just because gay marriage is allwoed doesn't mean everyone is going to become gay and children will cease to enter the world.

And if the Bible does say these things then surely gay marriage is acceptable, they're the ones who'll be punished not you so why do you care?

2 points

No. Because you see if we get rid of governments, the cornerstones of society, who pays for the military? Who decides how to talk to foreign countries? How do we determine representatives to give everyone a practical voice (not pragmatic with direct democracy).

If anything society has grown to need money and governments. Currency makes the world run efficiently, as do governments. Without the two we'd all be living in caves, trading rocks and spears and living to the age of 27.

1 point

As William Shakespeare's Hamlet so aptly put it, "To be or not to be" is an interesting statement. In fact he says it whilst holding the skull of Yorick which acts as a memento mori to him, that all things must come to an end, all things must die. So what is it 'to be' if we are all destined for the same eternal nothingness witnessed before our birth? As Hamlet found when questioning himself, 'to be' is to have a sense of purpose, his was to ensure the freedom from tyranny and slavery of the Danish people albeit trading one tyrant for another (Norway).

So the real question is not to be or not to be but rather 'why'?

1 point

would have ever existed*

The first two are necessities for human advancement and an increase in security and standard of living.

1 point

No... a Yorkie is a chocolate bar and has nothing to do with batter.

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Biographical Information
Name: Alexander Turner
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Agnostic
Education: In College

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