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RSS CaptainUSA

Reward Points:27
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3 points

all he does is insult people when it comes to religion especially because i have noticed that even if you go against what he believes and is arrogant for doing that because he doesn't want to deal with other people's 'crappy' religion. in other words he is not a good person and i don't like him at all and no one deserves to be insulted for what they believe but we have people like him who don't give a crap and just do it anyway.

CaptainUSA(27) Clarified
1 point

that's probably not his real picture he probably just searched the web for a hot guy and posted that as his picture.

1 point

not the way i see it he is not because i have seen his posts and what he says to other people that are really offensive. and you can't tell me to what to do so telling me to shut up is idiotic because you know i won't shut up. ;)

1 point

yep i didn't like the video that is why you see all the insults to it. :)

1 point

i am sorry but i can't get laid because i am too young too.

2 points

artless, bawdy, beelubbering, bootless, churlish, cockered, clouted, craven, currish, dankish, dissembling, droning, errant, fawning, fobbing, frowards, frothy,gleeking, goatis, gorbelled, impertinment, infectious, jarring, loggerheaded, lumpish, mammering, mangled, mewling, pauchy, pribbling, puking, puny, qualling, rank, reeky, rougish, ruttish, saucy, spleeny, spongy, surl, tottering, unmuzzled, vain, venomed, villainious, warped, wayward, weedy, yeasty, base-courted, bat-fowling, beef-witted, beetle-headed, boil-brained,lout, maggot-pie,scut, varlot, vassal,wagtail, toad-spotted piece of crap!

1 point

no, why would you want it in the first place? mediation doesn't do anything for me and its pointless.

1 point

dont know who he is. probably some guy from a long time ago!

1 point

nope not really. i am not really good at math. i have a low grade in it.

1 point

i didn't come out of retirement. i have been really busy for the past couple of months but i wasn't able to login so i know what arguments you have said offline and i have been a guest. i know about everybody's spotlights and you have treated a lot of people with disrespect. that is why i call you a pathetic loser.

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Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: What do you guys think of srom1883?

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Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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