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RSS Captainjason

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10 most recent arguments.

Earth would win.

Let's look at the scenarios.

Fire Vs. Earth - Earth doesn't burn, pile enough sand on the fire, it goes out.

Air Vs. Earth - Oooo air blows the earth around. Its still there. Earth causes the air to get all dusty and gross. Neither actually defeat each other.

Water Vs. Earth - They don't fight, they combine to become mud. Which is still earth. (Pour some water on your dirt, the water disappears and there is only mud left. Since mud is earth, it is still standing.

Earth is the champion!

I would stay alive for a long time. A year or two maybe. I would do anything I want, take peoples cars and take food and just go traveling. Eventually, I would be to overcome with depression. I couldnt stand being alone forever.... but assuming I could do whatever I wanted, I could handle it for a little while.

5 points

The way I view religion is... I just need proof.

I don't think any religion is specifically wrong... don't think any are right. I don't think that science is right.

Until I can see for myself what lies in the afterlife, I will not believe one way or the other.

Therefore, it is not worth it because I would most likely be wrong and that would be a waste of life... and very disappointing.

If I don't believe in anything without specifically turning away from anything, I figure things will turn out for the best.

Some kind of tiny few-celled beast will survive far longer than we.

I am agnostic, but have argued on behalf of god before. I can argue both points to prove to myself I understand the situation. Its a good thing.

No. Celebrate the spirit of giving, be generous, be merry, and just accept Santa as Jesus. :D

2 points

Stem cells. You can obtain them by abortion... which I am against.

But, using any other stem cell source to clone a human being is totally reasonable. We can finally solve so many questions. We need to at least try.

We can finally give more reasons why God is not real. We might as well try it! Think of the possibilities and the advantages that we could gain from it.

-2 points

Oh so where did eggs come from? Chickens? No.

Dinosaurs laid eggs, they were here before chickens. Egg wins.

I think that using the nuclear power we have now we could destroy the planet if we really wanted. Korea and Russia would help us get enough bomb-diggities that the world explodes.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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