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RSS CarGuy215

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1 point

I agree, Star Wars has way more action in it than Star Trek. Plus, the movies even start with an action scene. (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back)

1 point

Toyotas cars are less durable, rugged, and dependable than Fords. Why does the F-150 out sell the Tundra? It is better in every way.

1 point

Hondas and Acuras are just as bad as Toyota. Ugly, outdated, and cheap. Nissan is OK, just not as good as Ford, Chrysler or GM.

1 point

Exactly why Toyotas suck. They get so many recalls on dumb things that really shouldn't be an issue, especially for a large manufacturer.

1 point

Some of the most ugly cars on the road are from Toyota. (Prius)

1 point

The repairs they do go in for are more expensive than Ford. Also, Toyota has more recalls than any other manufacturer because they are cheap. They look cheap, feel cheap, and are cheap.

1 point

They are the future, becuase right now they suck. The technology still needs to be perfected.

1 point

Electric and hybrid cars are actually incredible bad for the enviroment. Fuel economy isn't everything when talking about enviromental impact. The place the battery for the Prius is made is so bad for the enviroment, NASA tests it's Mars rovers there because the terrain is all dead. If you want enviromentally friendly cars, get a Fiesta, Focus, Cruze, Dart, ect, something small and naturally aspirated, they cause less problems down the road. Plus, most use a CVT (continuosly variable transmission) transmission which is slow, loud, and not ideal. Unlike a conventional 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8-speed transmission, they don't shift gears; it has on continuos gear. Hybrid/electric technology is still being perfected so I wouldn't reccomend them to anyone.

1 point

Some of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road are American. The Ford Fusion is, and has been, the most fuel efficient mid-size sedan on the road, a huge segment. Also, the Ford C-Max gets better MPG than the Prius V, while still putting out over fifty horsepower more, a huge number when talking about under 200-horse vehicles. The Lincoln MKZ is the most fuel efficient luxury vehicle in America, counting all luxury vehicles. Plus, GM made their full-size SUVs, Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, into hybrids getting over 20 MPG. Did Toyota or Nissan do that? No they didn't.

1 point

Actually, American cars are now far better quality than Japanese cars. Fords, Chryslers, and GMs now have excellent overall build quality, and better materials quality. Japanese cars such as the Pilot or Camry are filled with out-dated, cheap, hard-touch plastics, while American cars, such as our Flex and Milan are filled with soft-touch materials and the Flex even has genuine wood on the steering wheel.

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