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RSS CarsonM17

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1 point

ACTUALLY, because of close U.S. inspection over Iranian facilities, we know what they are doing with their very limited supplies. Lifting the sanctions gives Iran their economy there for benefiting the overall global economy and U.S. relations. This is a win-win scenario for America.

2 points

Carson--For the deal--This deal not only halts Iranian nuclear development, but is a global victory because it seeks a war-free world. The U.S. is sacrificing nothing. This deal represents a true win-win scenario; Iran gets its economy back and America has complete control over Iran's nuclear abilities. Yes, Iran still has the parts to make a bomb, but with the limited supply they have it would take at least 10 years to produce a bomb. Not to mention, the U.S. is thoroughly inspecting their facilities.

2 points

The Iran deal is a good and honestly is the best option possible. The Iran deal will extend the break out period for Iran making it harder and longer for them to have a nuke. The is deal will do this by lowering a number of centrifuges that they own, the percent of enriched uranium they have, and they will have inspections often there. The only problem people find with the deal that they gain billions of dollars but the money is their own money and their economy

1 point

The Articles are the most efficient way for the country to abide by. Not having to rely on a central government, allows states to have control over THEIR people (the people they know best). One vote per state is fair and logical! The 13 states can make their own decisions. We can live individually and unified under the Articles.

2 points

The Articles are for the people! States need to be in control of themselves. The national government doesn't understand the struggles of the rabble. We just got away from tyranny, and do not need to let a single government or person control us. We can fend for ourselves. The government has already broken their promise to us and we cannot afford to give them a second chance.

1 point

A nuclear attack is not going to bring Kim Jung Un down. We need to destroy his dynasty by tearing it down economically. If his people turn on him, he is going to be in more danger. Cutting off aid and negotiation will ultimately put NK in an economic downfall and the people of NK will blame their leader. His own people against him is the strongest attack.

1 point

Carson- Option 2 is the best option for the United States' interest. Ultimately, this option would contain North Korea's threat by eliminating its weapons and the spread of their weapons. Direct negotiation and aid makes us succumb and basically reward their threatening behavior. Using economic pressure, rather than fighting power, will be more of a threat. Kim Jung Un wants to stay in power and have control over his brain-washed people. If his fortress falls, his people will turn against him. This is his worst nightmare. The US threatening a nuclear attack on his people he doesn't truly care about is not his worry.

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