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RSS Caspion

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

This is clearly because they are struggling to control the narrative that he is incompentent. Most people will believe their lying eyes over any media narrative.

3 points

Zionist Jews literally INVENTED terrorism

Islam still commits the most terrorism by far worldwide. That's why you skipped over that part.

1 point

Factmachine is brontoraptor playing you as factmachine.

1 point

Sounds like you admitting they are the same thing.

1 point

There is no left and right. There's normal and there's crazy. Guess which one you are.

3 points

Because their natural instincts start overiding their brainwashed programming.

2 points

Libs lie more than Trump does.

1 point

Attacking Communism isn't attacking the left. It's a somewhat extreme leftist attacking a more extreme version of leftists.

1 point

The owner of the 49ers contributes only to Democrat politicians. contributions/denise-debartolo-york.asp?cycle=16

If Kousins is worth anything like $80 million guaranteed, then Kaepernick is worth $40 million

Kousins is good. Kaepernick is one of the worst QBs in NFL history.

1 point

Libs say he can't get a job now because of racism, when it's libs who fired him and now won't hire him.

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