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Centifolia(1319) Clarified
1 point

It's called opportunity and it's far better than being a NEET

Yes. It teaches students everything they have to know once they step out of the gates.

2 points

CreateDebate seems more like a circlejerk now rather than a place for testing knowledge.

But then again, if CD was limited to serious debates only, then it is most likely that we would end up repeating the same issues over and over.

While I am all for having more blood reserves in the hospital, I will have to say that it is a responsibility too big for the current state of the country.

You cannot just gather blood from the masses.

First and foremost, you must ensure that the blood that you received will be stored in a good shelf. The current amount money that blood banks consumes already racks by millions. Now imagine how much would be spent if every single person would donate blood?

Second, think of the maintenance. Supposedly that the state found a way to gather enough money, you must also remember that it takes a lot of manpower to check every single storage. And that's not all. An average pack of blood has an average shelf life of 2 years, which means that people has to donate blood every year to replace all those that cannot be used anymore, which means that more doctors are needed to accommodate the people. We do not even have enough doctors in hospital, let alone add more in blood banks.

I would love to have more blood in our blood banks, but I don't think that we have enough technology to resolve that, yet

I believe not.

Pointless suffering is pointless. But if you have something you want to achieve in exchange for the pain, it's called "sacrifice"

I do not have the link but if I remember it correctly, the Vatican council decided that yes. Anyone who has a kind spirit and walks on the good path, no matter what belief he follows, can enter Heaven.

2 points

What else is the purpose of debate when we believe that our answers are unquestionable?

In order for that situation to work, you will have to say that God cannot foretell the future.

Being warned not to procreate is not the same as being condemned.

Centifolia(1319) Clarified
1 point

No. My point is that, why does he discriminate?

I can understand that it would be a wise choice not to spread a genetic disease. However, if that is his only reason for going against incestous relationships, he must also stand against the relationship between people that carries Alzheimer's, anemia, haemophilia, dementia and so on.

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"A simple college student working as a part-time writer."

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