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RSS Chasumin

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1 point

It does not have to be considered a shameful behavior since beggars are threatening their faces enough. They know that asking for money makes many people frown, but they have no choice but to do it in order to survive. Opening a purse or not totally depends on our mind, so asking for money itself does not have to be regarded shameful.

1 point

If the religion is logical, it should be called rationalization or justification. The reason why we believe in a certain religion comes from the tendency of us to find a psychological resort where there is no need to be logical or reasonable.

1 point

Your statement that the world had the beginning makes little sense. No one has completely discovoered when it began to exist not to mention the time. It inversely demonstrates the fact that time has always been forever without any point of being empty or pause.

1 point

No matter how much people are educated and are taught not to discriminate sexual minorities, it is still not uncommon for us to judge them on the basis of prejudice. It should not even be called an 'issue' but at the moment we need to admit our inability to fully embrace them.

1 point

I totally admit your point that modern technology to some extent affected us in a negative way in terms of voicing out one's opinion under the name of anonymity. You should, however, consider how greatly it contributed to this busy world as well. Those who could not have a minute to express their thoughts now are able to access to society in a much more convenient way. Since it allowed more people to participate in social fields, it absolutely improved and is improving our lives.

1 point

Prejudice upon fast-food workers that they are lack of professional skills is perhaps the very barricade which keeps us from recognizing their efforts. It is never easy to encounter every different customer with unconditional smile. We need to compensate for their huge contribution to our convenience.

1 point

Phones, nowadays, are equipped with so many functions that distract school work. Children keep looking at their phones during the class at the expense of paying attention to the teacher. Since students have somewhat fixed schedule such as home-school-home, they do not really seem to need individual phones.

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